Zion's Glory Update
December 2 2018

The following is a Zion's Glory prayer update from Eddie and Jackie Santoro in Israel. We encourage you to forward it to whomever you think might be interested in the following information. It is sent out in conjunction with a monthly newsletter. If you are currently not receiving this information and would like to become a regular subscriber, please forward your name, email and address to us at esant777@gmail.com

Dear Faithful Friend,

It's been a blessed few weeks since our last update and we are grateful to God that we have the opportunity to share a small part of what is happening in our lives and in our nation in this time.

Tonight marks the first night of Chanukah. Across the country, families will gather and light the first of eight candles and sing songs declaring the wondrous deeds of the God of Israel who saved his beloved nation with the working of his mighty hand! Starting Wednesday, all the schools will be closed and the kids will enjoy a week long vacation. Sufganiots are the traditional dessert that is eaten and has now appeared in stores and bakeries in a myriad of sizes and shapes. It is a happy time here in Israel and a fun time for the children.

We are grateful also that the missile attacks have ceased and so it feels as if we are in a time of relative quiet, although there are still disturbances on the Gaza border. Unfortunately those living in the vulnerable areas down south must be constantly on the alert as most believe that this current ceasefire is temporary at best.

Health Update

As I reported in the last update, the results of the MRI which I took in October was very positive. At my most recent doctor's appointment this past week, the oncologist said that this was the best MRI I have had in a year! There was no evidence of the cancer! The doctor always assures me that it will certainly come back but we praise God that it is gone today and by his all powerful grace and all of our prayers, it will never come back. Amen!

As a result of all that my brain has endured and continues to go through - the two surgeries and treatments including this current one that I take every three weeks, there has been damage, especially in the memory area. We are believing that healing includes not only the eradication of the cancer but a restoration of all that has been lost. God is able to give back what the locusts have eaten! Please stand with us in agreement for total restoration of every damaged part.

We are forever grateful for each day that He has given us and we look forward to many more in which to serve him and bring forth his Kingdom in this nation.

The Amazing Good Works of God

It was August, 2015 that I originally became aware that something was not right in my brain. The scripture declares that our God works all things together for the good for those who love him and are called according to his purpose (Romans 8:28). In those days, as Satan endeavored to destroy me, God worked to bring a wonderful new reality filled with good fruit into my being.

For the first time, I had to deal with the reality that my life on this earth might be finished shortly and that the time to go home could be coming upon me. As I spent time pondering these two realities, I came to see that either would be an incredible blessing. To live in and with Messiah, either in this world or in heaven were both wonderful. Although I was able to accept leaving, I also knew that my heart was to stay and so I chose life. By God's grace, as I did this, I came into a new place in God. Both Jackie and I began a journey of faith, growing in the knowledge of his heart of love and in his goodness, which manifests in his desire to heal us and our part in cooperating with him on this path.

I came to know that His life and power within me can destroy the work of the enemy. The doctors still say that the cancer will kill me soon but we stand in our God and proclaim a mighty NO! I will not die but live and declare the works of the Lord.

I share all this to say to you that those of us who love God are locked into battles with the devil. I want to encourage you today that no matter what you are fighting, God is with you and there is only victory as we trust in him. We all face challenges but the overcoming power that is ours in Yeshua is far greater. Turn to him. Trust in him and He will make a way for you. Trust in His infinite power and love. We may lose a battle but ultimate victory has been given to all of us who believe. In Yeshua, we win! Apply this reality in your life. You will not be disappointed!

Congregation Ahavat Yeshua

Raising up a congregation in the heart of Jerusalem is exciting but it is the challenge of a lifetime. The resistance is sometimes overwhelming as we endeavor to bring forth a work that is relevant to Israelis and yet hospitable to those who come from the nations to bless us and stand with us. Jerusalem is a city unique in the world and there is no question that the devil will do anything to reduce our effectiveness. Praise God, greater is he who lives in us than he who lives in the world! We will succeed but we urgently need your prayers for the breakthrough we are yearning for: to reach the lost and disciple them for Kingdom purposes and to raise up the coming generations of believers who may be the ones to welcome the Lord home.

We ask you to pray especially for the two younger elders; Jonathan and his wife, Simcha with 4 young children, and Ariel and his wife, Vered with three young kids. They are responsible for the daily decisions in the congregation and for the pastoral oversight. They are very devoted and the sacrificial giving of their lives is a powerful demonstration of their love for the people and the congregation. We can honestly say that they are doing an incredible job. Please pray that they would have wisdom and understanding and vision for the years to come. We want to be prepared for all that God is going to do in our midst! Pray that they would not grow weary in doing good but would be strengthened and energized in Him!

Pray also for Cody and Liat who are expecting their third child in a few months. They have taken the responsibility for our youth group and their devotion to each teenager and their heart to raise them up as strong believers ready to face the army and Israeli society is inspirational. They are leaving today with five from the Youth group to go to Greece for a week of evangelism and discipleship. Pray that this time will be life changing for everyone. This is the first time they have taken the group for such an extended trip out of the country. Pray also for Jeremiah and Rachel, who lead one of our worship teams and recently had their fourth child, as they work with Cody and Liat and share the responsibility for this group.

Pray for the other young leaders who share in the Word, the volunteers in the Shabbat school who take the responsibility for teaching the growing number of children, for new home meetings, those that do the office work, finances, and on and on. We have come a long way from the 15 people we started with and we know that the best is yet to come.

We praise God as we see the years of our investment bearing fruit. We still serve as senior elders in the congregation. We meet every month as elders and with individuals and are so grateful for the ongoing love and progress.

In closing, with all of our heart, we again pour a never ending; "Thank you" upon each of you who stand with us. Your prayers, your love, your support of all that we do are so deeply appreciated and life giving. May the coming weeks be blessed and may the manifestation of the wonder of God be found in each of your lives.

We send you our love from Zion,

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