31st May 2016

We want to share with you our ministry for the New Immigrants (Olim) which come back home to Israel.

God drew our attention to the big waves of new immigrants (Olim) that come especially from the combat zone in Ukraine.

We started providing them food baskets and supporting with some clothes and every little help that we could scratch from here and there.

However, God is huge, He has always a plan and we began to understand the magnitude of this program ...

Kabbalat Shabbat celebration with Olim

* To serve the needy
* To help "Olim" during their first steps in the land
* To show God's love by deeds
* To provide a place of fellowship
* To show "Olim" their new homeland, its landscapes, history and traditions

Please do watch our new video about this ministry here.

A trip to Jerusalem with Olim

Thank you for your faithful partnership with Return to Zion Ministries!!

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