20th September 2017

We are approaching the year 5778 from the creation of the world according to the Jewish calendar, and soon, very soon the voice of the Shofar will sound in Israel, proclaiming not only the closeness of God's judgement, but also the closeness of the Grace of God, which was revealed to all through the sacrifice of Messiah Yeshua (Jesus).

We wish that you and each member of your family will walk in the power of the sacrifice of Messiah, and that you will be covered by the sacrificial blood of the Lamb of God every second. We pray that the Lord’s Grace and His protection will be constantly with you, and over your houses, and that success and blessing will accompany you in everything.

Thank you for your sacrificial service, for your prayers and friendship, as wells as for your financial support for those who have "Returned to Zion".

We in Israel continue to rely on the faithfulness of the Lord and on the faithfulness of the Children of God. We try to serve our people in these special days with the Word of Faith and the Word of Truth in the spirit of Yeshua, imitating those who came before us and laid the foundation of faith in the Truth.

We are wishing you once again blessings in the year 5778.

Yours faithfully,

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