Recently several "Revive-alists," together with brothers and sisters from different congregations in Jerusalem, received inspiration to explore lifestyle evangelism in a new way. The idea was to learn to be more and more attentive to the still small voice of the Holy Spirit, guiding us toward those whose hearts and ears were ready to hear - both in special situations and in normal life.

The team specifically wanted to go out into a public place so as to be completely available to share with others. The goal was to be as natural as possible and not contrived. We sensed the Holy Spirit leading us to live together as a sort of mini-congregation in cooperation and participation together. The idea being that "on the way," during the normal course of our time together, the Spirit would connect us to others around us and would use us to see lives changed.

After weeks of prayer, the group went out from Jerusalem to a weekend camp-out on the shore of the Sea of Galilee. At first we were disappointed that we were the only ones at the campsite but we caught ourselves and did not give in to doubt, reminding ourselves that we had prayed and believed we came to the right spot. It was worth it to wait and believe.

Soon more people began to arrive. Eventually around one hundred other campers were at the same beach! They all saw us either up close or at a distance. They heard praise music and were curious about what this was. We met and shared with Arabs, Russians immigrants and Sephardic Sabras. Many were hospitable and invited us for coffee at their campfires. They saw us worshiping together, eating together and learning together.

We did not come with a pre-planned program, but rather with a desire to remain flexible and to hear from the Holy Spirit. Each one in our team functioned in their different gifts and abilities. Some were playing music. Others were preparing food. Others were involved in conversations. Still others were praying. Each member was contributing his part. Out of this unity God brought natural encounters with the people around us.

Six of the people we met prayed to God asking Him to be their King and Savior. We have continued to stay in contact with them. Several of us later visited one of our new friends in his Arab village. We were received with a festive meal and were able to connect him with a local Arab pastor there.

We also saw several miracles. On one occasion we were able to pray for a person with a severe insect phobia. We heard him yelling in fear when some dragonflies flew by. After we prayed for him he was miraculously delivered! Later, he told us that he knew even before he came that something good would take place that weekend. In a follow-up phone conversation he confirmed to us that he is still free from fear!

We began this trip thinking only of evangelism, but afterwards we saw the need for places where those who are being changed can find the fellowship and support that they need. This includes making space for the troubled and the homeless. The Lord is expanding our hearts more and more, and we look forward to finding out to where He will lead us next!


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