Last December we were sent out by Revive Israel to join an evangelistic trip to India. Our two main goals for this trip were:

1. To bring the good news to the Israelis who often go to India after the army for an inexpensive and spiritual vacation.

2. To be an encouragement to the local believers in India while fostering an understanding of God's plan for Israel and the nations, and the end-times culmination of His Kingdom.

Our team was comprised of about ten young adults from a number of congregations. Prior to the trip we met together several times to plan, pray and seek God's heart.

God called Israel to be a blessing and a light to the nations (Isaiah 49:6). For decades Israelis, after completing army service, have traipsed off to India to seek alternative spirituality, use drugs, engage in promiscuous lifestyle, find healing for their pain and an escape from the world. Israelis have even established Hindu-based spiritual learning centers throughout India! We have not been a light to India.

We stayed by a beautiful beach in southern India, which is frequented by many Israelis. Every morning we met for worship and prayer together and then went out in small teams to share with Israelis. The atmosphere there is seemingly very laid-back. However, there is also a heavy oppression due to the prevalence of idol worship and temples.

Every day the Lord directed us to do something slightly different. One night we organized an "Israeli Night" at a local café. We had many opportunities for conversations with those who came. Another time we decided to go out and worship on the beach. Many Israelis were very open to hear about Yeshua, to let us pray for them and to receive the New Testament.

During our time in India, we were able to share with about 60 Israelis. Most conversations lasted for 1 to 2 hours. Occasionally someone wanted to stay and talk all day long! One day we had a special opportunity to talk with the rabbi from the local Orthodox Jewish "outreach" center. We spent three hours discussing/debating with him while another 20 Israelis listened in. The Holy Spirit guided us, and we could see the rabbi being affected by our words.

We were also blessed to be able to fulfill our second goal: encouraging the local Indian believers. We were invited to attend a local house church and visited a Christian orphanage in the area. What precious children! It was so special to be able to spend time with them and just love them.

Some local Indian believers already have a burden for the Israeli backpackers coming through India. One of them wants to open a guesthouse for the purpose of evangelism. A team of five YWAM intercessors, including a dear Indian woman, gave continual prayer support on our behalf throughout our entire trip.

We were so blessed to take part in this successful outreach trip - truly a strategic opportunity to share with Israelis. Being out of their usual environment, Israelis in India were more open to hearing the gospel. We believe that more teams will be sent from Israel in the future. We are certain that much fruit will come forth and many souls will come to know the one true Messiah Yeshua.


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