Jew And Arab Preaching Together
| By Youval Yanay |

Recently I traveled together with "Z,"* a close Arab friend, to Finland. Together we gave a joint testimony to what God is doing in Israel among Jews and Arabs. The response was phenomenal and "blew us away." The media in Finland was shocked and asked: "How can an Israeli Jew and a Palestinian Arab be friends, jointly testifying that Yeshua is the anointed redeemer of all peoples?" This was headlined in various Finnish newspapers and on television.

"Z" is an Arab evangelist who lives in the Jerusalem area, and ministers with his team to needy Muslims in the West Bank. They reach out both spiritually and practically with humanitarian aid. He and his team are dear friends of Revive Israel, and we often join together for worship and fellowship. Revive Israel is also one of the main financial supporters of their ministry.

Because of the love and unity between Jew and Arab in Yeshua we saw a great receptiveness to the gospel in Finland. The door was opened for the Good News, which otherwise would have remained closed. Even a secular newspaper wrote up our story! Together we were a testimony of God's supernatural transforming love. Natural enemies have been made brothers in Yeshua.

Z with Revive Israel team
When this happens, it can only be through the Holy Spirit. This is a demonstration of God's kingdom. We felt it everywhere we went - the power of the Kingdom of Heaven for healing and for deliverance. During one meeting a woman suddenly broke out in tears, and ran up to the altar to pray. A demon of hate had spontaneously come out of her. In Matthew 12:28, Yeshua told us this is an evidence of the Kingdom of Heaven being present.

"Z" told the Fins about how he had once come to a checkpoint carrying many supplies and Bibles. The Israeli soldiers did not want to let him pass, and a serious confrontation developed. After getting angry with the soldier, "Z" later felt convicted that his behavior was not fitting for a believer. The next day happened to be Israel's Memorial Day. "Z" was again at the checkpoint, and the same soldier was also there. Suddenly, the siren of remembrance for the Israeli armed forces began to sound. Out of respect, "Z" got out of his car and stood. This was a very unusual thing for an Arab to do, and led to him being able to apologize to the soldier for having been angry. The testimony of Jew and Arab together can not develop artificially. Only a real friendship and love commitment can bring true covenant, with everything it involves.

Asher praying with Z
The fact that we had come from Israel magnified the significance of our journey. A Jew and Arab living in a Western country might not have such a hard time playing golf sociably together, surrounded by a culture of tolerance. But to be walking together in the midst of two much less tolerant cultures was totally remarkable.

"Z" remarked, "The people there were at first not open to the idea that an Arab had come from Israel. The Finnish people told me their eyes were opened by seeing a son of Ishmael and a son of Isaac together, and that now they would begin to pray for Muslims.

Everyone wanted to hear this unique story of Jew and Arab who are not fighting each other - these two sides that desperately need transformation and the One who can transform them."

*Z's real name has been withheld for his protection.


Youval Yanay

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