On the eve of Shavuot, we officially completed the most recent discipleship course here at Revive Israel. During the debriefing and prayer time with staff and students, we could sense the excitement and expectancy in each of their hearts and enthusiasm for the future. As the team prepared to be sent out for a week of service, we knew the Lord had special things in store.

As part of our discipleship program "Sha'ar HaKerem" (Gate of the Vineyard) we took this final week to bless and serve other groups and ministries in Israel. Our five team members, along with other friends and partners, set off for this week long adventure in exploring the heart of God through practical, hands-on service.

Mixing concrete
We began our week in Tel Aviv alongside a believing organization that reaches out to women working in prostitution. This particular ministry offers these women a place to sleep, hot meals, clean clothing, friendship and love as part of a family and a "listening ear." They also actively help women who truly desire to leave the streets and this lifestyle behind and begin a new chapter in their lives. For two days we worked there, focusing on renovating a clothing storage room. During this time we all strongly felt that the Lord was speaking to us about being "living stones." Together with that, there was a strong sense of the healing of wounds that cause schisms in the Body of Messiah.

For the next two days we worked on renovating an apartment dedicated to the care of sick and homeless men. It is also a center for the distribution of food and medical care to the homeless and drug addicts in that area. A local congregation oversees this amazing effort.

Idan with the cutter
The final days of our time found us in the southern part of Israel - the Negev Desert. In this area of the western Negev we stayed with a local family whose home is dedicated to the service of the Lord with a special emphasis on loving the orphans (James 1:27). They have built a number of bungalow type rooms open for guests in their backyard. These rooms serve local believers for many different types of meetings and gatherings, and also were used to house approximately 50 Sudanese refugees who came to Israel via Egypt two years ago. It was a delight to serve this precious family with such caring hearts. Our time with them was mainly comprised of building walls for the large room that will be an all-purpose room for worship, teaching, meals and fellowship.

One week. Three locations. Different ministries. One heart. It was a privilege to be a vehicle of service to different aspects of the local Body of Messiah. While we blessed others, we were also blessed. We had an amazing time together and this was a profitable way to finish the discipleship program. Thank You Yeshua for this opportunity to serve Your Body!

At the final ceremony, signifying the completion of the discipleship program, the hearts of students and staff alike were filled with enthusiasm and expectancy for all that the Lord has in the future. Give thanks with us for the first fruits and pray that God would use Sha'ar HaKerem to bring young Israeli believers into a deeper walk with God, a fuller understanding of their identity and destiny, and clarity about their calling.


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