Our youngest son Amiel was present at the recent terrorist attack (Wednesday, July 2nd) in Jerusalem. Here is his eye witness account:

I was walking towards the city center from the central bus station, on Jaffa Street. From a side street came a huge bulldozer which drove on top of a car and turned it into a pancake. The bulldozer continued its rampage, trying to run over another blue car. The driver in the blue car was spinning her wheel in panic.
The bulldozer turned into Jaffa Street and went head-on into a bus. I was out of harm's way now.
An orthodox young man passed by me running towards the bus shouting: "Weapon! Does anyone have a weapon?"
The bulldozer drove on. This time it crashed into a bus on its right, backed up, and then picked up the bus forcing it to fall on its side. The bus was full.
I tried calling 100 (the police) but the line was busy. Since I am a volunteer at the Jerusalem [paramedic] rescue squad, I called them at 101.
Armed citizens, soldiers and policemen were running toward the terrorist loading their guns. Out of the upside-down bus people were starting to come out. A woman carrying a baby crying, with blood stains all over them came out. A woman was being attended to on the floor, her leg was covered in blood, and her toes were completely crooked. A man came out, stained in blood, shouting in pain, "my shoulder," and cursing the terrorist.
I called my mother to tell her I was OK. While I was talking to her, gunshots started going off. "Do you hear the gunshots Mom? They're shooting the terrorist."

It turns out that the young religious man who asked for a weapon was an IDF commando soldier on vacation. He succeeded in borrowing a pistol from someone, and climbed up on top of the bulldozer, while the terrorist shouted "Allah Akhbar." He shot the terrorist three times, killing him on the spot, stopping the rampage and slaughter.

It is important in these times that we know the covenant promise of divine protection from evil.

Psalm 91:10-11 - No evil shall befall you, nor shall any plague come near your dwelling; for He shall give His angels charge over you, to protect you in all your ways.

In an especially poignant atmosphere we affirmed this together with Ami as a family on Friday night following the attack, just as we do every Friday night before we eat the Sabbath dinner meal.


By Asher & Amiel Intrater

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