As an Arrow Flies: Korean-Israeli Partnership
| Yosef Kim |

The time has come for Korean believers to cherish and support Israel. Yeshua declared that Israel would not see Him again until she cried "Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord." On that day we will see Yeshua return as Israel's Prince of Peace and King of all the earth. We at Korean Israel Mission (K.I.M.) believe that the community of believers in Korea can hasten the return of the Messiah by working hand in hand with Israeli Messianic congregations.

This vision of a Korean Israeli partnership has brought about the creation of K.I.M. The purpose of our ministry is threefold - impartation of knowledge, partnership for congregation planting and focused intercessory prayer. We are called to serve Korean churches both in Korea and abroad by providing them with information about the spiritual and financial needs of the Israeli messianic community. The Korean church has a great gift for intercession. If this can be harnessed and directed toward Israel God's spirit will move!

Along with informing the Korean churches, K.I.M.'s intention is to assist local Messianic congregations in Israel to plant new congregations. We dream of a time when there will be a Messianic congregation in every town and city in Israel - drawing more and more Israelis to the knowledge of their Messiah and to national revival. Only then will the House of Israel again see the One "the builders rejected," established upon His throne in Jerusalem. To fulfill this vision, God has given us a special relationship with Tents of Mercy. This relationship developed out of the friendship God gave to our founder, Dr. Hung Su Park, with the spiritual father of Tents of Mercy, Eitan Shishkoff, through their mutual involvement in Tikkun Ministries.

Since 2003 K.I.M. intercessors have prayed for Israel every Tuesday. In January 2005 we took our third intercessory tour to Israel. Many of these faithful prayer warriors longed to travel to Israel to see for themselves the seeds which they had been watering with their prayers. Here are their testimonies.

Love Never Fails (Sung Me Oh)

"These words remain in my heart. 'God's love toward Israel and toward us will never fail nor cease.' I was saddened to see that the people who are living in the land where Jesus actually walked, taught, and healed the sick, do not know Him as their Savior, and have not been set free by His power.

However, during our prayer outreach, I saw that faith in Christ is being revived in this land, where it originally started. I realized that our God is a living God who unfailingly accomplishes His promises. I could not help but be thankful that He made us his helpers in His plans for the revival of Israel."

An Arrow's Flight (Sun-sook Suh)

"Through this journey He helped me never again to doubt my calling towards Israel. As I prayed in Nazareth, asking God to touch us and the Israelis so that we can be one, He spoke to me and said 'I have called you to this work. As an arrow flies to its target you are doing my will.'"

It is Our Turn to Support and Pray (Phil-Kun Lee)

"At first I only thought about visiting the holy sites, but I soon began to see two themes in my trip. The first was becoming better acquainted with Jesus. I felt like I was living 2000 years ago, following in his footsteps. In each place, His fragrance, His spirit still lingered.

The second theme was to think about the people of Israel again. Although most Jewish people do not yet accept Jesus, God loves them very much. Through them all nations have received the blessing of the Messiah. Now, it is our turn to help them through support and prayer."

God is Faithful (Hyang-Sook Lee)

"For me, this was a time to meditate on the faithfulness of God. I saw the growth of the congregations we have prayed for over the last two years - how they have become stronger in their faith. I am thankful to God who has helped me understand His love for Israel and who is pouring out His breath upon Israel."

Visiting Tents of Mercy (Misun Yoon)

"At the Nazareth congregation (Netzer HaGalil) I felt warm hospitality. The Holy Spirit was with us strongly during our prayer time. Although our races were different, we were one family in the Lord.

The experience of the service at Tents of Mercy was extraordinary. It made me understand that a service is a festival offered to God.

When we prayed in Akko I asked God, 'Do you want this place?' God said, 'I love this place.' 'Why do you love this place?' 'Because there is pain here.' God gave me Zechariah 3:7,8. I expect the Lord's plans and blessings for the Tents of Mercy congregations, and for all the congregations He will plant in Israel. From now on when I pray I will see in my mind the places I visited and the people I met."

Yosef Kim

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14:06 14Apr05 Lina -
Praise be to God!!!

11:33 28Apr05 Carlie Watt -
I too have recently been to Israel, and visited the Tents of Mercy family. I agree with and understand the comments written here. It is a wonderful ministry and I too believe that I better have an understanding on how to pray. My eyes were opened to the scriptures more because of my visit. People need to go, and to actively support Israel, in finances and prayer.