Youth Running Towards the Goal
By Liah

We recently witnessed the successful completion of the first Revive Israel Teen intensive equipping week, called "Summer Extreme."

For one week in August, fifteen on-fire youth camped out in tents on a kibbutz outside of Jerusalem. Our mornings began with physical exercise at 5 AM, followed by quiet time, fellowship, working together, and joining the Revive Israel team for morning worship, prayer and teaching times. After that we served practically by working with two believer-owned businesses nearby: a greenhouse and carpentry shop. In the evenings, we met again for teaching, discussions and other activities.

The week was primarily focused on challenging the teens to walk and run in the footsteps of Yeshua. To live filled with the fruit of the Spirit; to maintain a deep, stable and true connection with Him. We grew in understanding of the meaning of our lives as believers and together we received a joint calling to follow Yeshua and be like Him in every word and deed. (Colossians 3:17)

Our vision for this program was to focus on teens who have immediate potential for leadership and are maturing in their faith. We saw the lack of this type of program in Israel and wanted to fill it. One of our primary goals was to equip each one with tools to help them grow through spending time in the Word of God. Aside from the daily challenge of being a teenage believer, many of these young men and women will be entering either their last year of high school or the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) this year. Based on the difficulties that other believing soldiers have faced, we felt the urgency to begin to equip these young people with tools to stand in faith and in the Word during the coming years. Israeli teens tend to be complacent about life, without anything to motivate them into action. The economic and military crises of previous generations seemed to engender a different character in the young people of those generations. Today, they do not need to work as hard as they did in the past in order to achieve something. In addition, the standard of moral values and its framework in our society have become too flexible. This has affected believers as well.

However, teens today are hungry for maturity and for deep values; for a challenge in their lives - this is especially so of believers! They want to move forward in their faith, see fruit, growth and change.

While growing up among the Israeli Messianic youth for the last 10 years, I have seen a change taking place. There are twice as many believing teens now as there were 10 years ago. There are many more inter-congregational activities for the youth, including "Katzir" (Harvest) conferences which Revive Israel co-sponsors. This has given us an advantage and a forward push. In the last two years many of the teens have begun taking the initiative to develop and organize prayer meetings, evangelistic endeavors and unity-building events.

We thank God for blessing the staff, teen participants, teachers, and congregation with this incredible week. He touched the lives of this young, precious generation.


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