Bar Mitzvah Celebrations at Tents of Mercy
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Procession with the Torah
One of the beautiful traditions of Judaism is to call a young man of thirteen years up to the bema to read from the Torah scroll. Marking this life passage from childhood towards adult life creates a special opportunity to honor the young person, celebrate the ongoing heritage of family and establish him as a member in good standing of the congregation and spiritual lineage of the Jewish people. As New Covenant believers we honor our young ladies in the same way, affirming their special place in the community of faith.

Reading the Ancient Text
It is always a joy to witness these events. At Tents of Mercy we add jubilant shouts of encouragement and enthusiastic clapping to the otherwise solemn ceremony. Perhaps the most moving moment is when father and mother pray blessings over their child, affirming their love and pride before community, family and friends. Bar and Bat Mitzvah ceremonies are some of the ways we are reclaiming our spiritual heritage and re-establishing Messianic faith in the land of Israel. Here are some photos of a recent Bar Mitzvah ceremony. Michael, the young Bar Mitzvah (son of the commandment) did an outstanding job chanting the Torah portion and explaining the lessons he had learned from studying the passage. His mom and dad were especially proud of him. We too shared their delight in seeing this young Messianic believer pass through this ancient and beautiful right of passage.

Taking his place on the bema A father's love

A proud father with Eitan and Moshe

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