Ten years ago in Russia, Luda and her son Arthur, were on a 3-day train ride from Siberia to Irkutch. During this trip, Arthur became very ill with a high fever - he was on the brink of death. Luda was not a believer in Yeshua, but somehow she decided to get down on her knees and cry out to the God she did not know. While she was praying, an ambulance appeared alongside the train and the train pulled to a halt. As the medics entered the train car, they called out, "Where is the sick boy?" No one replied so Luda responded, "Here!" The medics gave him an injection and exited the train. The train started up and continued on its way, and Arthur gained strength and was healed. A steward asked her how she had managed to contact the ambulance staff. Luda replied that she hadn't! The steward then explained to her that someone who he could not see had stood behind him and told him that the train must stop immediately for a boy in the same cabin in which Luda and Arthur were riding. As a result of this incident Luda gave her life to God.

When he was two years old, Arthur was diagnosed as having only one kidney, which was severely damaged and deformed. In addition to being affected by Polycystic Kidney Disease this kidney was in danger of atrophy. At the age of sixteen, just a short time ago, Arthur came to Israel with his mother. The goal of this trip was to undergo surgery to remove the irreparable, cyst-ridden kidney and hopefully receive a transplant. Upon arriving in Israel, they headed up to Jerusalem and settled in a nearby city. Luda shared her story with a local congregational leader, Abraham, and asked if he could baptize her.

Abraham and I both had on our hearts to pray that God would provide Arthur with a new kidney. We agreed together and prayed that God would create a new kidney and would miraculously heal his existing damaged kidney.

On the day of her baptism (Friday), Luda told the testimony of supernatural healing for Arthur on the train. After the baptism and time of prayer, I felt again that God's will was to pray for a creative miracle of a brand-new kidney for Arthur. During the congregational meeting on Saturday, we prayed over him again and anointed him with oil. The following Sunday he had another check-up at Ein Kerem Hospital. The first CT scan confirmed that his one kidney was seriously damaged. Following the second CT scan, the doctor determined that the damaged kidney must be surgically removed. However, he went on to say that Arthur would still be able to function very well with his one perfectly working kidney - a kidney Arthur had previously never had! God did indeed create a new kidney for Arthur! Wonderful! Blessed is the healer of the sick!

During the removal of the damaged kidney, the surgeon called another senior surgeon from Tel Aviv to come and help him. It just happened that this specialist was in Jerusalem at a family event, and was available to come immediately to assist. The operation continued for another eight hours. And the final outcome? One perfectly whole, brand-new from heaven kidney, and the other, formerly beyond repair kidney, shrunk back to normal size and beyond all expectations now able to be repaired by the hands of the doctors. Two kidneys! A creative miracle!

All that took place in Arthur's body is documented in medical reports.


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