Aglow International Update
By Holly Wallace

One of the ministries in partnership with Revive Israel and at the forefront of a global awakening is Aglow International. Men and women from over 170 nations are uniting in purpose and calling to bring the light and glory of Yeshua to the ends of the earth.

Asher addressed this group in October at the Aglow International Conference in Louisville, KY. He was joined by Mike Bickle from the International House of Prayer and Graham Cooke from The Mission in Vacaville, CA, along with worship leaders Brian Ming and Julie Meyer. All the messages, shared in an atmosphere of worship, were filled with life.

On Saturday night Asher preached from Revelation 19:11-14 and declared that the central event of all of history is the Second Coming. At Yeshua's return, Satan will be thrown into a pit for 1000 years and the earth will be reclaimed for His glory. Asher went on to explain that the armies of heaven are longing to hear His command to break through the clouds and usher in His reign. They are only waiting for the Bride to be made ready.

Asher then issued the first of three challenges to those gathered in the convention center as well as all those who joined by video-cast worldwide: "Aglow, are you ready to be the Bride?"

The Three Mandates of Aglow - male and female reconciliation, unraveling the thread of Islam by reaching out to Muslims, and standing with Israel through the end times - have a common theme. They all have to do with dominion.

When men and women unite in Yeshua to take up their position to rule and reign in the earth, they stand in covenant partnership with God as Abraham's seed (both physical and spiritual) to reclaim possession of the earth. The land of Israel is the starting point for Him to rule to over the entire earth. The demonic spirits behind Islam want to stop His coming at all costs since it spells the end of Satan's reign.

The atmosphere was electric when Asher issued his final challenge of the evening; "Aglow, are you ready to take possession?" Men and women streamed forward in response and echoed Jane's "Yes!" with one resounding voice. It was a historic moment.

Asher and Aglow delegates embracing the challenge   Asher with Jane Hanson   Asher praying at the Aglow conference
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Asher spoke one more time on Sunday morning before everyone headed back home to countries across the globe. He opened up Revelation 1 where John encountered the glorified Yeshua. The intimacy that John shared with Yeshua is the very thing that allowed John to see Him in the fullness of glory. He went on to say that intimacy with Yeshua is our greatest treasure.

With a tender heart Asher asked if he could pray for protection and affirmation over the profound work God is doing in Aglow. He then placed a tallit over his head, spread his arms over the people and pronounced the Aaronic benediction in Hebrew. People were touched by the Holy Spirit all across the auditorium.

At this point Jane Hansen Hoyt issued her own challenge. She asked all those present who were willing to identify and stand in covenant with the Jewish people to receive a prepared yellow Star of David and place it on their clothing, much like the King of Denmark during the Nazi invasion of WWII. The place came alive as people reached for the stars and put them over their hearts.

God is up to something big. He is inviting those who love Him intimately to reflect His glory in the earth and stand in stark contrast to evil in the end times.

The Aglow International Conference 2009 was a launching pad for a new revelation of Yeshua as revealed in the book of Joshua; Yeshua, as the Captain of the Armies of Heaven, getting ready to bring down the walls and take possession of the land. Only this time it won't just be the land of Israel. It will be the entire world.


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