November 9, 2008 marked the 70th anniversary of Kristallnacht - the Nazi sanctioned pogrom against the Jewish people throughout the German nation. According to their own records, the Nazis destroyed 7500 businesses, burned 267 synagogues (with 177 totally destroyed) and killed 91 Jews. 25,000 Jewish men were rounded up and later sent to concentration camps. Below are two stories of God's redemptive grace at work, seventy years after that evil night.

70 years ago, on the 9th of November 1938, in the old town hall of Munich, Germany, the Nazis proclaimed a pogrom that was to be carried out in the city and throughout the nation against the Jewish people in any and every walk of life.

The Nazis shattered the glass windows of Jewish businesses, burned homes and synagogues as well as books and other items related to Jewish religion and culture. This was called "Kristallnacht" or "the night of glass." Today, in reference to the horror and wanton destruction that took place we aptly call it "The night of broken glass."

Israelis and Germans dancing together
The soul of the Jewish people was attacked and the people were cast out, rejected and considered as unwanted vermin by those who were coming into power. Kristallnacht was the seed that later grew into the Holocaust.

Almost 68 years later, a friend of mine here in Israel was meeting with some of the leaders in the Body of Messiah in the city of Munich and the Holy Spirit issued a directive from Heaven ...

"Call together a team of worship leaders from within Israel, both Jewish believers and others and go to Munich to worship the King of Glory in those very places where destruction was decreed, released and carried out. Worship, proclaim and pray for the exact opposite of what took place those 70 years ago and release blessing upon the city so as to break through the lingering darkness."

The local leaders bore witness to the word from the Lord and invited the Israelis to come back to Munich. These pastors are the sons and grandsons of those who released the edict of death and destruction! During the next 2 years, the Lord brought together the ministry focus and team that would participate in the Munich event. All told, a delegation of 20 Messianic worship leaders from all over Israel was chosen to represent the nation.

Marc and a number of Israeli worship leaders
On November 6, 2008 we flew to Germany. We filled the next 4 days with prayer, praise and proclamation of God's truth, believing for a breakthrough moment for the Kingdom of God in Munich. The pastors who were involved in making the local preparations were amazed at the level of cooperation from various churches in the city. There were representatives from Lutheran, Evangelical, Charismatic and Pentecostal churches present; thousands came out to the gatherings seeking the Lord for mercy and forgiveness for their city.

An important part of our preparation for the ministry times was to visit Dachau - just outside of Munich; the 1st concentration camp built as a prototype for the others that followed. Our time there was very deep and sobering. To see this place of death brought a fresh perspective on why we had come to Germany.

In Old Munich Town Hall
Our Israeli team and the local leadership met for worship and prayer in the old Munich town hall. This was the very place where Kristallnacht was decided upon and the orders given to carry it out. During our worship time together a recognized German leader asked to share. She told us that during the worship she had a vision; she saw an open heaven and an angel coming down with a scroll in his hand. He stood in the midst of the crowd and opened the scroll which said, "the debt is cancelled, the curse is broken and the prison doors are open." We all rejoiced that God had responded so magnificently! No one wanted to leave so we continued with more worship for a time.

Returning to Israel the team all sensed a mission accomplished in our hearts. As we discussed what took place we were awestruck at what the Lord had done. He had graciously allowed us to participate with His angels in this momentous spiritual breakthrough moment, Hallelujah!

Please, pray for the Body of Believers in Munich that they would continue to walk in what God did and that a 'ripple effect' would spread from Munich throughout the rest of Germany.

At the same time that Marc Chopinsky was worshiping in the old Munich City Hall, Schleife Ministries from Winterthur, Switzerland was presenting a prayer seminar to the Tents of Mercy congregation. Michael Herwig, a wise and humble German Bible teacher was the keynote speaker for the Schleife team. On Kristallnacht he shared some of his remarkable personal story:

"Today is my birthday. I was born on the 6th anniversary of Kristallnacht, November 9, 1944 in a temporary facility. My father was a soldier, fighting. Russian troops were on their way to our area. My mother had me all by herself, with no help - the German nurses were too busy downstairs celebrating Kristallnacht. The German personnel there said, 'Let him die.' But Mom prayed, 'Lord, if this baby survives, I give him to you.' Later, she changed the date on my birth certificate to erase the connection with this terrible day of crimes against the Jewish people. As I grew to understand the significance of my true birth date I changed it back to November 9th. I did not want to hide my identity from the awful truth of what my people did to the Jewish people. I can only ask you to forgive us again and again."

In a vision Michael saw all the Jewish people over hundreds of years in a big stream. Finally they came to Israel. But the question was "Who will heal the wounds of the people?" Michael asked us, "You have arrived in Israel, but the wounds of hundreds of years remain ... pogroms, murder, the Holocaust. Who will heal the Jewish soul?"

The answer also comes from Michael's own life of hard times. Born while his nation sought to exterminate the Jewish people, he carries a radical love for us. His nation was in bitter warfare against the Russian people - Michael's greatest burden is for Jews of Russian descent. The hard circumstances of his birth yielded a man who identifies with the wounds of others and is gifted in escorting them to wholeness.

The German soul also needs healing, The sin and guilt of the Nazi era still weighs heavily upon the German nation. In recent days, German believers have made concerted efforts to repent for the sins of their nation and fathers. Michael is one such dear German brother; choosing to mark his birthday on the correct date - no longer trying to hide from the shame of that evil night but humbly bearing identification with the sins of his father's generation and with his nation.

Beauty and irony combined in the 70th anniversary of Kristallnacht. Israeli Messianic Jews went to Germany to bring release and freedom to that nation. At the same time, God sent a German pastor to bring healing and freedom to Messianic Jews in Israel. This is the awesome majesty, grace and beauty of our God. He does not gloss over evil but He uses His people - the very ones who have received His forgiveness, to bring healing and forgiveness to others. All Glory, Honor, Power and Dominion be unto Him and to the Lamb forever.


By Marc Chopinsky, Marty Shoub and Eitan Shishkoff

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14:56 11Jan09 Susan St. Clair -
Awesome. Absolutely awesome as to what our God can do! I sent this article to my pastor as well as other leaders in our church.

13:06 15Jan09 Kaytee Rath -
Rejoicing that Messiah can not only make up for lost time but exceed it. Overtaking reapers. He answers before you ask.

12:56 10Aug10 Monica Rossi -
Your music fills me with love, hope and happines, I am from Colombia, and we always pray for the peace in Jerusalem, Alavado sea el señor.

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