This is part two of Mati's story, begun in last months newsletters

Falling Away

Alone and far from family and friends, I began my first serious relationship. My new girlfriend was not a believer. Being weakened in my relationship with the Lord, I allowed my emotions, loneliness, and hormones to guide this relationship. We didn't last long as a couple, but this serious failing paved the way for the future.

Continuing onward and upward in the army structure, I became an officer responsible for the advanced training of platoons, and finally second in command of a combat company. I excelled in tank warfare and as an officer I received both personal and group achievement awards in my brigade. Coupled with a wild streak, I was driven to excel. My position as second-in-command took me on a power trip. I walked further away from the Lord and went on a "sin-fest." My weekends off were full of drinking, partying and various girls.


Then things began to go downhill professionally. Most Israeli men serve the required three years and then leave the army. I had already been in for more than four years, and was becoming weary of the army scene. My direct commander and I were not getting along and I was tired of fighting military bureaucracy. I reached my lowest point.

Turning Around

During the last six months of my army service, I started yearning for a change in my life. Something was missing. I knew that I wanted to renew my relationship with the Lord. Yet during this time I was tempted as never before and never since. Satan was trying to keep me from returning to God. It was so obvious that sometimes I could have just laughed out loud! I made the decision to pursue God again, to learn more about God's nature, to become more like Him. Despite the enemy's tactics God gave me the grace to turn around and nothing was going to keep me from my objective.

I joined Ahavat Yeshua Congregation in Jerusalem and there I began to change, to heal and become the man that God had destined me to be. There (among other places) I found men who were willing to spend the time with me and teach me and I learned all I could from them. Exactly five years and five days after being inducted into the army I was released from active service.

My New Life

Since the day I was released from the army, there has been no looking back. I can truly say that my life is entirely dedicated to Yeshua. I live entirely and completely for Him. There is no doubt that the change in my life is enormous. I am not the same person I used to be.

One of the greatest gifts that I received from the Lord after returning to Him is my wife, Alex. This time, I was totally obedient to the Lord regarding my relationship with her. I knew she was the one for me. The Lord spoke to me clearly. She actually knew a whole year before I did! Alex is a gift from God; she has surpassed my wildest dreams.

Looking back, I deeply regret the time that I lost while not following Yeshua. Yet on the other hand, my faith is more solid that it has ever been. I have the tools to reach my people with the love of Yeshua. I am right where God wants me. Yeshua has redeemed the bad things from my past and is now using them for His glory. In other words, I've been born again.

So, to conclude - Yeah for Yahweh!


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