God is raising up a new generation of young believers in Israel. I believe this generation has a very important role to prepare the way for the last harvest to come.

Most young people my age were born here; we have grown up in Israeli society, studied in Israeli schools and served in the IDF (Israeli Defense Force). We are part of the Israeli nation. We see what is happening with our fellow youth in Israel, how they are looking for truth in every direction that exists: whether it is drugs or clubs, New Age or some other place that they can find "some fun." My generation is seeking for answers.

Six months ago I finished my army service. I served for three years in the Israeli paratroopers. During my army service God drew me very close to Himself. He showed me the grace that He has for my life and how much He loves and cares for me. One day last year my unit received an order to enter the city of Nablus (located in the West Bank and under the control of the Palestinian Authority) and operate against terrorist groups planning to launch attacks against Israeli cities.

We entered Nablus in three armored jeeps - most of the army jeeps have a thick armor around them but the roof isn't bullet proof. While we were driving, my officer spotted an armed terrorist trying to hide in a nearby alley close to our mission area. My officer decided to drive after him. We entered the alley with our vehicles and began taking heavy fire from five different locations on the rooftops. It was an ambush!

Our lead vehicle broke down, stopping our whole unit in the heart of the ambush while we were taking fire from the roofs. We tried to shoot back from our jeeps but we were trapped and pinned down by the heavy fire. The platoon leader decided to do the rescue mission under fire. The vehicle behind us began pushing us from the alley trying not to flip us while we were shooting from the back doors of the jeep. By a miracle the jeep didn't flip, the engine restarted and we managed to get out of the ambush without any injured soldiers.

While we were taking fire I knew nothing would happen to me because God was with me - I felt Him. In spite of the fear and the adrenalin, I trusted Him. When we finished the operation and went back to our base we found bullets on the floor of the jeep and holes in the roof right above my head. A shiver went through my entire body when I saw those bullet holes.

I have asked myself, "Why me? How come I know Yeshua as my savior? How come I'm alive?" The only answer I have is that God poured out His grace and mercy on me because He has a plan for my life. So many other young believers in Israel have gone through similar experiences.

A Generation That Seeks His Face

After I finished the army I asked myself, "What are you planning to do with your life?" I prayed that God would send me a vision for this time. God began speaking to me Psalms 24:6. "This is Jacob, the generation of those who seek Him, who seek Your face." Around this time I heard a message about the "Jacob Generation." It touched me so much that I couldn't stop crying. I kept asking God to change my life and my character. I started receiving emails speaking about these verses, friends from Jerusalem and different places in Israel also told me that God had been speaking to them this same message about Jacob's generation. Every time I heard it I felt shivers all over my body. I believe that this message is something huge and powerful.

Eitan introducing Dima to our conference guests
When I consider Jacob's story I see that Jacob wasn't perfect. He made so many mistakes in his life but God blessed him. Jacob struggled all night to receive God's blessings in his life. He wanted God to change his character and to have His blessing upon him. I believe that God is raising up in Israel a generation that will seek God and "struggle" with Him to receive more of His love, more of His spirit, a generation that will not be satisfied with anything else but God's heart.

God opened a door for me to start a "young adult's" group in our congregation. God is doing something special in this group. Our last meeting was so wonderful; we spontaneously worshiped and prayed for two hours. Young people began to prophesy and God confirmed these words by other young people in the meeting. We have a unity in the Spirit that is amazing but it is only the beginning!

I believe that the closer we move towards revival breaking out in Israel the more we will see God's Spirit manifested upon the believers. In Acts 2, before the apostles started their outreach all over the world God sent His Spirit upon them. People saw "signs and wonders" but they also saw that the believers had godly character. The world is heading towards a critical time, natural and man made disasters are increasing. As God raises up people who will seek Him, the world will again see a generation filled with Yeshua's character - the difference will be huge, they will see hope, joy and love.

Preparing the Way

Eitan laying hands of dedication on Dima
God has spoken to me through Noah's story about preparing for these last days. These are days of preparation - days for building an "ark." God told Noah to build an ark because He was going to send rain upon the earth. I believe this is what God is saying to us today: Prepare, because I'm going to send a rain of revival over you.

But what does it mean to build an ark? I believe that God wants us to build an "ark" in our hearts. He wants us to seek Him and to be "sold-out" for him like Jacob was. He wants our hearts to be set upon Him and not upon the "world." He is calling us to a radical lifestyle of obedience and dedication. He wants to build unity between us and to break the barrier between us and other generations.

God is doing something great in Israel, He's is raising a new generation that will seek Him and prepare the way for the great revival we expect to happen. I'm excited about the things that God has already done but I'm even more excited about what is coming. As we wait for the rain we are preparing our hearts to be an ark to carry His presence.

"And afterward, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions. Even on my servants, both men and women, I will pour out my Spirit in those days." Joel 2:28, 29

God is raising up a new generation; "Jacob's Generation" in Israel!


By Dmitry Kravtsov

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11:07 05Apr07 Pam -
I am so delighted to see Dima grown up so well, and with such a heart for his own generation. I recently saw him on the mountain and he asked me "Don't you know who I am?" He is special. Thanks for having him write.

12:27 05Apr07 Rachel Frank -
May the Father mightily use the young people of Israel. And may He also provide for every need that will arise in the work of discipleship, training and encouraging the young people and young of Israel. Remember that most of the Heroes of the Scriptures became tools in the Master's hands when they were very young. May we all stand behind them with our prayers and total support (including financial)!

14:37 05Apr07 Ashley Cornwell -
I was privileged to be at the conference, and witnessing the changes and God's power empowering this generation had me in tears. I'm the same age as Dima and I long to see this in my city. I affirm everything he said, there is a call and a godliness on Dima and others that is undeniable. Remember to pray for them!!

20:55 05Apr07 Kindal Banwart -
Beautiful article, I'm wondering if another prophesy is being fulfilled - not just that Israel/Jacob is coming into their fullness as a Jewish nation - but that Adonai is preparing Jewish young men to fulfill their mission to the unbeliever in Israel and worldwide during the tribulation period spoke of in the book of Revelation. Thank you for sharing these wonderful story from the heart of Jacob/Israel.

04:37 06Apr07 Roald Monsen -
It was very good reading! A new time with a new generation coming up also in Israel. There is really a hope for this time. Bless!

12:33 06Apr07 Allen Hemmerling -
Wow! As I was reading this article I had tears in my eyes, in my spirit I was saying "Yes Lord, Yes Lord, Do it in Canada". I was very encouraged reading it, realizing Yeshua can take a young person to accomplish what is in the heart of Yeshua to fullfil the purposes of the Lord.

19:30 10Apr07 Donna Diorio -
What an awesome, encouraging word! It is so exciting to see this generation beginning to bloom with the promises of God toward Israel. Please keep us advised how to pray for you all!

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