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Oasis Media
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Twelve years ago Return to Zion Congregation in Haifa started publishing a Russian language news magazine called "Oasis." The magazine started out as a small, informal bulletin for the congregation, but quickly gained popularity and was soon being distributed within the Russian speaking communities in Haifa and beyond. It became clear that there was a great need for Messianic teaching and news in Russian. Traditionally, Russian Christians of all denominations have had very little, if any, knowledge of the Jewish roots of their New Testament faith. We are seeing a growing interest in this kind of teaching in many Russian speaking congregations. The vision of Oasis Media is:

Now, in the age of widespread internet usage, a greater emphasis has been placed on the internet version of "Oasis," hence the new name "Oasis Media." Our internet site,, is dedicated to Messianic video teachings, whereas the site concentrates more on written teachings and news articles in Russian. Since its establishment in January 2013 the media site has attracted roughly 10,000 views per month.

Oasis Media has a huge potential for reaching out to Russian speaking Jews and Gentiles in Israel, in countries of the former Soviet Union and in Russian speaking communities throughout the world. We are particularly excited about our many viewers in Central Asian countries such as Kazakhstan, where Islam is quickly gaining ground. It is important for believers to understand the role of Israel in God's plan and to learn of the Jewish roots of their faith. One of our secondary goals is to defend Israel from misinformation and anti-Israel bias that are rampant in the secular media.

Please pray with us for Oasis to continue to grow as an influential voice of God's Word from Zion.

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