A Heart for the IDF
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Youth leader Yevgeny with
a soldier from our congregation
Return to Zion has decided to do more for our hard-working soldiers in 2015.

Young men and women from our congregation are serving their country in various units in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), including the Special Forces. We have raised these young people and taught them to follow God in all their ways and decisions. Now as they serve, we are providing support, gifts and conferences for Messianic soldiers.

Hydration packs
Last year saw war in the Gaza Strip. It was our desire to bless the soldiers who were fighting there. We made packages with clothes and sweets, went to the border and gave them to the soldiers. It was a huge encouragement for them and for us.

Last month we donated hydration packs to a paratrooper unit. The soldiers were very thankful and received these practical gifts with joy.

Our next step is more spiritual. We want to create a "pathway" and raise support to enable Messianic soldiers who finish their service to fly abroad to a quiet and beautiful place, to spend time alone with God, receive teaching and travel around. The goal is to see them refreshed and strengthened in faith before their next step, which is serving the Lord with new power here in Israel.

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