Shavuot Camp 2014
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Shavei Tzion hosted a three-day Shavuot Teen Camp for the Tents of Mercy Network to encourage our youth toward servanthood in their congregations.

We had seen the devotion and love of the Messianic "Isra-cam" staff, as well as the increased faith and encouragement their young campers received. So we decided to recruit their staff to run a camp tailored for our congregations:

  1. To gather our youth together and train them to take responsibility in the congregations
  2. To connect the youth of network congregations
  3. To bring the youth closer to the Lord so they would know He is always there for them
  4. To teach the youth about the feast of Shavuot

We bonded together while hiking to the Zavitan Pools in the Golan Heights, camping at Neve Karni, BBQing, and worshiping. The late-night games wrung the last drops of energy out of us all, leading to a quiet night of sleep.

The teaching theme on the second day was "God is an eternal friend." It turned out that the games were the most effective and practical way of teaching the kids about cooperation and the necessity of supporting one another. In the heat of the afternoon, we all enjoyed a dip in the Jordan River. Two young leaders even got baptized! In the evening our Shabbat meal was served outdoors accompanied by blessings and songs.

On the third day we learned that, "God is a personal friend", through the meanings of His names. After lunch it was time to start packing ... but there were still two exciting challenges ahead: paddling on the Jordan River and a game of paint ball. What a great way to end the three days! We all arrived home safe and happy. Even the massive traffic jam on the way didn't spoil our mood.


As the camp cook, I had my administrative challenges, but God was faithful and helped me through. I thank God for this opportunity to serve the youth with all my heart. I believe that some of them benefitted from seeing how the leaders served one another, and understand that serving can be a fun, positive experience. We need to serve with love, because without love, all service is in vain!
- Andrey

Thank you, Shavei Tzion, for the camp. I loved the company of good friends, delicious food and a variety of interesting activities. I particularly enjoyed the small groups, and learned a lot of things about life. I am looking forward to the next camp.
- Esti

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