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The Name of Messiah Prophesied
by Asher Intrater, , Revive Israel

By Asher Intrater

Sometimes we are asked if there is a prophecy in the Torah that the name of the Messiah is Yeshua. There are dozens of references to the name as the word for salvation, Yeshuah. For example:

YHVH... has become for me Yeshuah (salvation) (Exodus 15:1-2).

The orthodox Jewish prayer for the coming of Messiah contains Yeshuah three times. There were even some accusations that this was secretly "planted" in the prayer book by first century Messianic Jews.

A specific prophecy regarding the name Yeshua is found in Zechariah and Ezra. The prophecy contains the word "branch", an accepted symbolic name for the Messiah in both Judaism and Christianity.

Yehoshua son of Yehotsadak, the High Priest, you and your companions are ... men of example, for I will bring My servant the Branch (Zechariah 3:8).

The High Priest is a symbol of the Messiah. In the time of the rebuilding of the Second Temple, the High Priest was named Yehoshua. He is pictured as a symbol, or example, of the coming Messiah.

Behold the man whose name is Branch (Zechariah 6:12).

His actual name was not "branch" but "Yehoshua". The meaning of the verse is that this man, Yehoshua, has the same name that the Messiah, the Branch, will have. The name of the Branch is Yehoshua.

Thus "Yehoshua" is prophesied to be the name of the Messiah. - But what about Yeshua? Yeshua is a shortened form of Yehoshua. [Compare the following verse with Zechariah 3:8.]

... and Yeshua son of Yotsadak began to build the house of God (Ezra 5:2).

In the lifetime of Yehoshua the High Priest, the people of Israel began to shorten names with the root Yehovah. Yehotsadak became Yotsadak; and Yehoshua became Yeshua. This is the name Yeshua to the exact vowel points.

To summarize:

1. Zechariah 3:8 - High Priest Yehoshua is a symbol of Messiah

2. Zechariah 6:12 - Yehoshua has same name as Messiah

3. Ezra 5:2 - Yehoshua's name is shortened to Yeshua.

Thus the name of the Messiah is prophesied in the Hebrew Scriptures to be Yeshua.

The Name of Messiah Prophesied
by Betty Intrater, , Revive Ministries

Alon, Hannah and their family
at their daughter's wedding this year in Israel
Alon and Hannah met in Florida after emigrating from their native Colombia. Born to large families with Jewish roots, both sought a better life in the United States. Soon after marrying, Hannah became pregnant, and the fear of the Lord fell upon her. She felt she could only give her new child a good life by turning her heart to the Lord. Alon joined in after seeing the changes in Hannah, and they dedicated their growing family to Yeshua. Soon they were worshiping together in a Messianic congregation.

Although life in Colombia had been hard, Hannah always carried a place in her heart for her homeland. Alon missed his family, but did not have warm memories of Colombia. After a few years of marriage, Hannah went back to Colombia to visit her parents and 14 siblings. She shared openly about her new found faith and her entire family - 30 people in all - prayed to receive the Lord!

A few years later, Alon received a shocking phone call. His older brother had been murdered in cold blood on the street, shot by masked men. The motives were never proven, and the family - like many Colombian families - learned not to ask questions.

Shortly afterwards, Alon and Hannah felt called to immigrate to Israel, making it their third country of residence. After many obstacles and ndless paperwork, they succeeded in this dream. By now their family included five children, 4 girls and a boy. Soon after immigrating Hannah became pregnant again, and their sixth child David was born - a sabra.

Adjusting to life in Israel was not easy. Learning a third language as an adult is difficult, and starting over for the third time in a foreign workforce is challenging. However, God always provided. Alon started a cleaning and repairs business, and the family became involved in active service within the congregational community.

However, in spring of 2013 tragedy struck their extended family in Colombia again. A dear niece was shot on the street, also by masked assailants. The closely knit family was distraught. As if this pain wasn't enough, two months later yet another call came through. Alon's younger brother, leaving his business at the end of the day, had been shot and killed.

Alon, a burly man, broke down and cried like a baby. The devil was literally destroying his family. His pain was heart wrenching. At the Revive/Ahavat community we were able to support Alon with love and prayer, but what about the rest of the family in Colombia? We decided to help send Alon and Hannah to visit them, to bring them the love and comfort that can only come from Yeshua.

Here is Hannah's account of what happened on this trip: Upon arriving in Colombia, we were set up in a large home with extra rooms. This was our base. As we visited family members Alon proclaimed the good news of the Kingdom of God and confronted them with their sins. The words he heard from the Lord were "iniquity" and "rebellion". He exhorted them to live a holy life with the power of the Holy Spirit. He explained that if they truly repent and accept Yeshua as Lord, He will forgive and cleanse their sins. He explained that only Yeshua can stop these tragedies from happening.

Repeatedly, individual family members would call the house and ask to speak with Alon. They all said they had questions to ask. This was the key, a sign to Alon that they were ready to receive. He again explained about the iniquity in their lives, and with softened hearts they unanimously repented. By the end of the trip, 60 extended family members had prayed to receive the Lord!

One of the most touching moments was visiting the family of the brother who was recently murdered. The wife and daughter were distraught, and the son bitter and vengeful. However, upon hearing the good news, all three prayed with Alon, and the son melted in his arms. Yeshua had replaced the bitter anger with healing love.

Another moving testimony came from a close cousin, who is a professional musician. Twenty years ago this cousin's band partner received the Lord, and they separated. After this cousin prayed with Alon, he went to a church service. The worship leader was his former band partner!

Alon and Hannah came back to Israel with joy and excitement in their hearts. Although the pain is there and healing will take time, the Lord has turned a devastating tragedy into joyous victory. We expect to continue to hear many testimonies from this new family of believers and rejoice with Alon and Hannah at this literal example of "the oil of joy for mourning!"

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