The Israel Land Question
by Asher Intrater, , Revive Israel

There is great controversy in the Body of Messiah worldwide concerning the place of the Jewish people and the land of Israel. However, the issue is not inherently about politics or racial identity but about the very nature of the kingdom of God.

I. Redemption of Planet Earth

Is the ultimate purpose of God for human beings to leave this planet and live forever in a non-resurrected body in the sky ("heaven")? Or is it to restore all things (Acts 3:21), raise the dead into new bodies that can live both in heaven and earth (I Corinthians 15, John 20, Luke 24), and unite heaven and earth together (Ephesians 1:10)? If we can agree on the second "restorationist" view point, then there is an important purpose for the renewed, created earth (Romans 8:21). There must be a way to make a "covenant claim" of repossession and restoration on earth in order to redeem what was lost at the fall of Adam.

The Abrahamic covenant is the vehicle for God to reclaim legal ownership of the entire planet. The Abrahamic covenant is not just to repossess the land of Canaan for one man's tribe; but starting from there to repossess the entire planet (Romans 4:13). Thus, if you don't believe in Abrahamic-Israel land possession, you can't possibly believe in a total, planet earth re-possession. If there is no continuing validity to the Israel land covenant, then you are simply agreeing to permanently yield planet earth to Satan's dominion.

II. Literal Second Coming

Is the second coming of Yeshua really physical and literal? Does He come all the way down for His feet to stand on the Mount of Olives (Zechariah 14:4)? If He is to come to the Mount of Olives, then there is a purpose for the land of Israel. If He is to come, then there must be Jewish people living here who believe in Him and who will welcome Him back with shouts of "Baruch Haba B'shem Adonai!" (Matthew 23:39)

So there must be:

a. Israel land possession covenant

b. Re-gathering of Jewish people to the land

c. Revival of faith among Jewish people in Israel

d. Welcoming Yeshua to return.

If there is no "land", then there is no literal return of Yeshua, because there is no covenanted place for Him to return to.

III. Millennial Messianic Kingdom

Will there be a real millennial kingdom on earth with Yeshua reigning from Jerusalem? If so, then there must be a continuing covenant purpose and claim for Jerusalem and Israel. If there is no Israel covenant, then there could not be a Jerusalem centered kingdom on earth. And if there is no such kingdom, why donĵt we just stop praying altogether: "Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven" (Matthew 6:10)!

So if there were no continuing covenant with Israel, then there would be no purpose for planet earth, no literal second coming and no millennial kingdom. These are the critical issues behind the "Israel land" controversy. The covenant promises for the land of Israel and the Jewish people are God's biblical vehicles to repossess planet earth, to invite Yeshua back to earth, and to bring the millennial kingdom.

Spiritual Warfare

And one last thought: why should Christians be confused on this issue? It seems the Islamic Jihad, the United Nations and the Radical Left are not confused. They all do everything they can to stop Israel and the Messianic remnant here. What's obvious to them on the negative should be obvious to us on the positive.

The Israel Land Question
by Moti Cohen, , an Elder at Tiferet Yeshua Congregation

The evil in the Muslim world is overwhelming, and the civil war in Syria unveils its true face. Yeshua said the thief comes to steal, kill and destroy. The army of Assad is wiping out city after city of its own people. Along with the Islamic rebels, they are killing and torturing everybody in their way. The victims are mostly innocent - women, children, and the elderly. Many are raped, killed and tortured in front of family members. For millions of Syrians, hell has arrived in their land. Over three million of them have fled as refugees, half of them escaping to Jordan. I traveled to Jordan as part of a group of nine Israelis - seven Arab pastors and two Messianic Jews. Our first stop was in Fhes, half an hour away from Amman. There are tens of thousands of Syrian refugees in Fhes. I saw children living on the street and begging for money. Most of these families rent apartments in the poorer districts. Sometimes an extended family of 25 lives in one apartment. In some homes we visited there were only mattresses, with a bag of clothes next to each one.

Refugees line up to receive packages
We met Muhammad, a 17 year old boy who was shot in the knee while fleeing Syria. He managed to cross the border, and was treated by the Jordanian medical workers who finally let him join his family. Of the 11 people living in their apartment, only he and two brothers are able to work. Muhammad explained that the refugees work many hours for small amounts of money. Before Muhammad left for his job we prayed for him - for healing in his leg, still obviously wounded, and for healing in his heart, filled with hatred and anger from all he experienced.

In Fhes there were many young widows with children. One of them was 21 year old Aida, with two little daughters. Aida didn't say a word, and didn't stop crying. In the Muslim world a widow is considered a burden, and therefore the family often tries to make her remarry. Aida lost her husband two years ago when the Syrian army entered their village and simply executed all the young men. My heart wept seeing her little daughters and knowing that without a father to protect them, their life will be doubly difficult.

At one point an elderly woman called Rana approached us requesting prayer for her son who has been missing for two years. She doesn't know whether he is alive, injured or dead. During our conversations with Syrian refugees we saw that there are a high percentage of people with missing family members. Not knowing the fate of their loved ones, they have no peace night and day. We prayed with Rana, beseeching God for a miracle. Humanly speaking, there is little hope her son will return home.

On our last day we were in the city of Irbid, one and a half hours from Amman. The circumstances in Irbid are difficult. Approximately 600,000 refugees live in poverty without the most basic of sanitary conditions. The local population often abuses them by charging exorbitant rent and threatening to throw them out on the streets if they don't pay. We turned one of the main rooms of a church into a distribution center inviting a hundred refugee families to come and receive food, clothing, children's games, diapers, baby food, etc.

Please pray for these refugees, that the horror of civil war will open their eyes to the lies of Islam, and that they will have heart revelation of God's love for them through Yeshua.

Moti and Israeli delegation in Jordan Moti with goods for refugees

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