Covenantal Order or Gifts of the Spirit?
by Asher Intrater, , Revive Israel

Moving the Ark of the Covenant into Jerusalem (II Samuel 6) had great spiritual significance. It was accompanied by two unusual events with two severe punishments.

When the Ark was being brought in, the oxen stumbled, and the cart was shaken. Uzzah stretched out his hand to steady the Ark and was killed instantly. The punishment came because everyone (including David) had totally ignored God's explicit instructions as to how the Ark should be carried on poles by the Levites.

On the next attempt three months later, this same Ark was brought into the city with joyous celebration. David was so jubilant that he stripped off his kingly garments and danced in the street with the common people. When his wife Michal despised him for this "dishonorable" activity, the Lord punished her by making her forever childless.

Seeking Balance

These two events could be interpreted in many ways. Here is one possible angle for us today: Bringing the Ark into Jerusalem is like bringing the message of the kingdom and the presence of God back to Jerusalem; and two elements must be included in the process - a Levitical-priestly order, and free, passionate "Charismatic" worship.

Jewish (and some church) traditions contain many of the symbolic elements of the ancient Levitical priesthood. These elements cannot be ignored. On the one hand, we are no longer "under the Law"; and for us as Messianic Jews, rabbinic tradition does not have authority over us. On the other hand, the biblical holy days, the covenantal symbols and the protocol of the Levitical priesthood were established by God and are a necessary part of His kingdom.

Charismatic worship, including dancing, musical instruments, raising hands and bowing knees, may not seem dignified at all times, but it is an honest and sincere expression of our love of God. Tongues of fire, prophecies, deliverance and all the charismatic gifts were an integral part of the early community of faith. Yeshua said not to leave Jerusalem without the baptism of the Holy Spirit (Acts 1:5); certainly we can't return to Jerusalem without it!

Jewish tradition reflects the Priestly element, while the charismatic gifts reflect the Prophetic element. Both the Priestly and the Prophetic are needed to bring back the King. Some want to be super charismatic without the Jewish elements. Others want only Jewish tradition without the charismatic elements. We seek to find the proper biblical balance.

Both are Necessary

For us as Messianic Jews in Israel, this balance means a delicate combining of Jewish traditional elements with the charismatic gifts of the Spirit - because the message of the kingdom is essentially both Jewish and - Charismatic. (The original baptism of the Holy Spirit occurred on the - Jewish holy day of Shavuot.)

It is not necessary for churches around the world to incorporate Jewish elements in their own worship style. However, there should be an understanding and deference to those Levitical-priestly elements within the Messianic remnant of faith which is being re-established in Israel and Jerusalem.

The combination of the Priestly and the Prophetic will pave the way for the true King to return to His city. Combining the Jewish and charismatic elements in the right biblical balance is fraught with many attacks and difficulties. Yet both point the way to Yeshua, and both are absolutely necessary. Let us learn our lessons from both Uzzah and Michal!

This article was previously published on 09Oct15 here on the Revive Israel website

Covenantal Order or Gifts of the Spirit?
by Cody Archer, , Revive Israel

The promise of the Holy Spirit being poured out on all flesh before Yeshua's return should bring us much hope as we see darkness increasing in the earth. Will the Spirit be poured out suddenly like in Acts 2, but this time all over the earth? Or will it be gradually poured out at different times and places? I believe both will happen.

"And it shall come to pass in the last days, says God, that I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh ..." (Acts 2:17)

One of the results of this outpouring will be prophetic gifts in the younger generation and the uniting and working together of the older generation with the younger:

"Your sons and daughters shall prophesy, your young men shall see visions, your old men shall dream dreams." (Acts 2:17)

When we look at other end time prophecies we know this outpouring will come in the midst of intense tribulation (Matthew 24:21-22), persecution of believers and martyrdom (Revelation 6:9-11; 13:7; 17:6) as well as natural disasters, wide spread deception and fear of what is coming on the earth (Luke 21:26). It is in this context that the Holy Spirit will be poured out.

Both young and old will take part in the unprecedented prophetic flow of revelation. Young people will see visions, and the older generation will have to humbly receive the direction God is giving through them. Likewise the older generation will dream dreams and the younger generation will also need to submit and receive what God is giving to the older generation. A community's survival and protection will depend on what everyone in the body is receiving, sharing and obeying. Supernatural direction of where to find water, food and shelter will come (1 Kings 17). Communities who are dispersed because of persecution may receive dreams and visions of where and when it is safe to reconnect.

This generational interdependence in the end times will turn the hearts of the fathers to the sons and the hearts of the children to their fathers unlike any other time (Malachi 4:5-6). The body of Messiah around the world will again be of one heart and one soul like in the book of Acts. This John 17 and Psalms 133 unity will release the greatest anointing upon the Ekklesia (corporate church community) that the earth has ever seen. It will release the greatest witness and demonstration of the kingdom of God ever seen. It will usher in a huge harvest and welcome King Yeshua back to rule the earth from Jerusalem.

Many people today are talking about 'prepping' for the end times. This is wise as the Lord leads, but your 'prepping' must include working toward generational unity and cooperation as this will become so critical in days to come.

This article was previously published on 02Oct15 here on the Revive Israel website

Covenantal Order or Gifts of the Spirit?
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