Prophecy and the Middle East
by Asher Intrater, , Revive Israel

The writings of the Israelite prophets have a renewed significance today in the light of current events in the Middle East. Therefore, in order to build a biblical framework for interpreting these events, it would be correct to examine the perspectives of the ancient prophets and anointed leaders of Israel. Those prophets often spoke of God's will concerning "political" events in the Middle East.

There is a wide range of viewpoints within the prophetic scriptures, which may confirm or contradict many political views today. On one side (perhaps the extreme right), we find Joshua. In his generation, the Israelites were commanded to kill all the inhabitants of Canaan and conquer all the land.

On the other hand (perhaps the extreme left), we find Jeremiah. In his generation, God passed judgment on Israel; the nation was destroyed and the people exiled. Neither the Joshua nor Jeremiah models fit all the circumstances of the Middle East today. (In the time of the early apostles, who preached in the generation leading up to the destruction of the Second Temple, the context of the prophet Jeremiah was quite relevant.)

There are other varying viewpoints. Amos called for justice on social-economic issues. Jonah was sent to preach to a Gentile nation. Isaiah described the coming of a spiritual kingdom with a divine Messianic king. His teaching might be comparable to an "evangelical" type message today. Daniel had visions of angels fighting wars over nations that would affect history for hundreds of years.

Particularly relevant for the Messianic community today are the prophets who spoke to the remnant in Israel after they returned from the exile in Babylon. Their message was one of encouragement to keep building the nation, both spiritually and materially, despite the attacks of evil around them. Among those prophets were Zechariah and Haggai.

We who have received the Holy Spirit today, through faith in Yeshua, may be seen in some ways as a continuance of those early prophets. As the Messianic remnant in Israel today, we feel a certain spiritual identification with that remnant who returned to the land in the time of Zerubbabel, Ezra and Nehemiah.

Yet we must be careful when looking at ancient Scriptures and comparing them to ourselves. We must consider the full range of perspectives in both the Gospels and the Prophets before we choose any one particular aspect to identify with.

Prophecy and the Middle East
by Greta Mavro, , Revive Israel

By Greta Mavro

On Sunday, Dec 14th, I attended an event hosted by Father Gabriel Naddaf and the Christian Recruitment Forum (CRF). Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, soldiers, police officers and hundreds of honorable guests gathered in Nazareth Elite to celebrate their common vision to see the integration of Arabic speaking Christians into Israeli society.

Father Grabriel Nadaff
The Prime Minister commended Christian soldiers for defending and protecting Israel, affirming his government's commitment to its minorities, and vowing to uphold freedom of religion for all citizens with no exceptions. As Netanyahu spoke about the plight of Christians in the Middle East, declaring that he was among "friends and brothers", I knew that God was doing something eternal in the heart of His people.

As the overseer of CRF and as an Orthodox priest, Father Naddaf has been declaring the common destiny of Christians in the Middle East with Israel! This fledgling group of Aramean-Arabic-speaking Christians is on a quest for truth and national identity in Israel. In spite of the CRF video that opened the event portraying the cross numerous times joined to Israel's flag, I sensed not one iota of offense by Jewish Israeli guests.1

The fact that two men, one Jewish and one Christian Orthodox, have joined together to honor and protect one another is a powerful prophetic picture. They are both sons of the same Father and of the same ancient faith. Prime Minister Netanyahu and Father Naddaf, are turning to one another in slow and meaningful steps, for a warm embrace of mutual respect.

1 The symbol of the cross has often carried the offense of European anti-semitism in the eyes of Jewish people.

Prophecy and the Middle East
by Greta Mavro, , Revive Israel

Congregation Ahavat Yeshua is moving to a new home!

These last two years have been very blessed and fruitful. Because of our growing young families, the facility we were using became too small to house our children's program.

Just when it seemed that the classrooms were going to burst, God graciously opened a door for us to move to a new meeting hall in the very heart of Jerusalem. The only challenge was that the believing owners of the building requested that we cover one third of the needed renovations, which is equivalent to $130,000.

Congregational prayer
After much prayer, we determined that this was indeed God's provision and we agreed to move ahead in faith with the project.

The work is almost finished and this week we will be having our first meeting in the new hall. To date, through the faithful giving of many brothers and sisters in the congregation along with some help from our friends from the nations, we have been able to raise a bit more than half of the needed amount.

Since the birthing of our congregation, it has been the love and support of so many of you that have made the "impossible" possible. You have prayed for us; you have encouraged us; and you have generously given to help us cover the high costs of operating a congregation in Jerusalem.

So, once again, at this strategic moment, we are turning to you. Please consider helping to cover the cost of these renovations by making a donation to the "Ahavat Yeshua Renovation Fund".

Help us establish the Body of Messiah in the heart of Jerusalem!

We thank you and appreciate your help.

Youth worship band in our new sanctuary First gathering in the new building

Wednesday March 4th
from 9 AM to 9 PM Israeli time.

You are invited to stand with us in a day of fasting & prayer, just days before the next Israeli elections.

We will worship and intercede for current events and End Times prophecies, based on the book of Esther.

We believe that through prayer we will see signs and wonders!

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