Recovering the Apostolic Commission
by Asher Intrater, , Revive Ministries

Being a believer in Yeshua includes taking part in a grand vision and challenge to change the world. This "great commission" was given to the original Apostles and disciples right before Yeshua ascended into heaven. That commission includes making disciples (Matthew 28:18), preaching the gospel (Mark 16:15), and restoring the kingdom to Israel.

"Will you at this time restore the kingdom to Israel" (Acts (1:6)?

"You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you; and be witnesses of Me in Jerusalem, all Judea and Samaria, even unto the ends of the earth" (Acts 1:8).

Many people today speak of restoring the Jewish roots of the faith. That's good and right - but our roots are more profound than food or festivals. Recovering the original Apostolic commission is a central aspect of the restoration of the Messianic remnant in our day. Restoring the Messianic remnant includes recovering the Apostolic vision.

Isaac went back to dig the wells of Abraham; he called them by the names that his father called them (Genesis 26:18). The wells and the names were tools to get back the water that his father had found. Our "Jewish" restoration of "wells" and "names" has the goal of getting back to the waters of salvation and rivers of revival that our "fathers" - the Apostles - had found.

Peter, John and Paul are just as much our "Jewish" fathers as Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. (The Apostles all had two names - one in Greek and one in Hebrew, since they were all bilingual and bicultural. They used their Greek names in international venues and their Hebrew names within Israel.)

Some of the wells they dug were: the Messianic kingdom on earth (Acts 1:3), the baptism of the Holy Spirit (Acts 1:5), world evangelism (Acts 1:8), a literal Second Coming (Acts 1:11), world revival in the end times (Acts 2:17), and even the restoration of all things (Acts 3:20). Redigging the wells of Abraham is rediscovering the vision of the Apostles. As Isaac drank the waters that Abraham drank, we want to partake of the anointing that the Apostles walked in.

I was once asked on a national Israeli television program what our vision is as Messianic Jews. I answered that it was the same as all the prophets of Israel from Isaiah to Malachi: to establish the kingdom of God on earth, with peace among the nations, and the Messiah reigning from Jerusalem.

We have a spiritual inheritance from the Patriarchs, from the Prophets, and from the Apostles. That spiritual inheritance is available to all who will believe it and receive it - whether Jew or Gentile, man or woman, rich or poor. Let's take possession of it.

Recovering the Apostolic Commission
by , , Revive Ministries

(A new novel by Yochi Brandeis)

The number two best-selling novel in Israel this winter has been an original historical novel by Orthodox religious author Yochi Brandeis. Although the novel is fictional, it is based on extensive research by Brandeis in academic documents, rabbinic writings and the New Testament.

The novel, Akiva's Orchard, tells the life story of famous Rabbi Akiva who proclaimed Bar Kochba to be the Messiah in the revolt against Rome in 132 AD. Much of the novel revolves around the conflict between Akiva and Rabbi Eliezer ben Hurkanos, who was Akiva's mentor. In some ancient Jewish sources, he is reported to have become a believer in Yeshua.

The main drama of the novel is the tension between these two great rabbis over the issue of faith in Yeshua. Eliezer tells Akiva how he met Saul (Paul) when he was a young man, and became convinced that Yeshua is indeed the Messiah. Brandeis describes the development of several streams within Judaism during those 100 years following Yeshua's death and resurrection.

Brandeis depicts the Messianic or "Nazarene" Jews as parallel to the emerging post-Pharisaic stream of rabbinic Judaism. Both the Pharisees and Nazarenes were in agreement in their rejection of the corrupt Sadducean priesthood. Some Pharisees were favorable to the Nazarenes, and others opposed. The book includes descriptions of persecution of the Nazarenes by religious Jews and Roman authorities alike.

At one point Akiva has a supernatural vision of the persecution of Jews by Christians in future history. When his wife asked how that could happen, he answers that the Christian denied the faith of the original Nazarenes.

Brandeis is not a believer in Yeshua, yet her portrayal of 1st and 2nd century Judaism, the background of the New Testament, the early Messianic movement, and how faith in Yeshua was seen by religious Jews at that time is well-researched, even-handed, thought-provoking, and at times brilliant.

(This book is currently only available in Hebrew)

Recovering the Apostolic Commission
by Cody Archer, , Revive Ministries

This December 8 - 12, 2012, "The Call Geneva" took place, organized by Gateways Beyond Geneva, supported by local Swiss pastors, and led by Bedros Nassarian, along with Lou Engle, co-founder of The Call movement in America.

The first day included 12 hours of prayer, fasting and repentance. The highpoint for me was during a time where Asher Intrater (representing the Jewish people) laid hands on Jack Sara (Palestinian Christian leader from Bethlehem) and began to fervently pray for the salvation of the Arab people; then Jack did the same for the Jewish people. In this moment the presence of God was so strong and you could sense the healing power of God being released prophetically into this historic division.

Asher, along with Dan Juster, and other internationally known teachers, spoke in the "School of Reformation and Restoration". It was amazing to see different ministries from around the world and local pastors gathered in one place walking out such high levels of servanthood, honor and a spirit of "let's build the Kingdom together." We are living in a day where Jesus' prayer for unity in John 17 is being answered in an unprecedented way.

The culminating event was a breathtaking praise and worship service on the evening of 12-12-12 with an overflow crowd at St. Peter's Cathedral (Calvin's original church). For more information about "The Call Geneva" see Recordings of the School of Reformation and Restoration teaching sessions can be ordered online from Theo Media at

Asher Intrater and Jack Sara praying together for Jews and Arabs David Rudolph, Don Finto and Dan Juster praying for Asher

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