By Ron Cantor

Liat and a Nigerian girl
In 1948, when Israel was reborn there was only a handful of believers. In 2009 there are more than 15,000 and well over one hundred Messianic Congregations. With that in mind, it became clear that while we still have a ways to go in our corporate maturity, we are no longer looking for emissaries to bring us the Gospel, but rather it is time for us to take the Gospel to the nations.

On December 7th, a team of eighteen traveled from Israel to Gombi, Nigeria. The goal was to host a mass evangelism campaign, New Covenant style: preach the gospel, heal the sick, and minister to leaders.

We arrived in Gombi to an enthusiastic welcome. Hundreds met our delegation, many of them holding posters advertising the campaign and wearing t-shirts with the same message. It was clear that they were expecting God to move.

Prayer, African style
After meeting with two kings, two mayors, and preaching at two impromptu gatherings, we enjoyed a dinner in our honor. Local pastors and campaign workers fed us, sang to us, danced with us and honored us in the most amazing ways. We were all so humbled by their love for Israel.


The campaign itself was amazing. We were told that well over 100,000 people came over the course of five nights. Each night as we gave the altar call, it seemed every hand went up in the air. Many in Nigeria claim to be "Christians" but still practice witchcraft. We challenged them that you cannot serve Yeshua and the devil. They brought their charms to be burned.


Gospel Meeting, African style
After each altar call we taught on faith for healing and then prayed for the sick. One Muslim man who had been unable to walk for three months, literally leaped out of his chair after several failed attempts to stand. He came up on the stage in front of over 20,000 people, renounced Islam and gave his heart to Yeshua.

There was another man whose eyesight was so poor that he could not make out the face of the person in front of him. He received prayer and now he sees clearly! A man came up and told us that his wife was supposed to give birth in October. She was on her way to another city to see a doctor when her pastor said, "Wait until Tuesday when the man of God will come. When he comes in the city, you will give birth." Sure enough, as our team came into the city, the woman went into labor and gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

Greeting in Nigeria
On Sunday morning, the last day of the campaign, we broke up into several teams to speak in different regional churches. Clark Kent was a reporter until the need would arise for him to become Superman. Tal is an Israeli schoolteacher, but when the anointing comes on her she is transformed into a passionate evangelist! She led a team to one church and at the end she prayed for a woman who had been almost completely blind for 25 years. After prayer she got rid of her walking stick for the Lord had completely healed her!

There is power in the proclamation that Yeshua is Lord over the power of the enemy. Each night we would proclaim His kingdom and just like in the New Testament, He confirmed His word with signs and wonders.


The Nigerian king
Our next trip is planned for May, when our team in partnership with the Messianic Bible Institute will evangelize and plant a congregation in Kemenets-Podolsky, Ukraine. This city was the first in Europe to experience mass murder under Hitler's final solution. 23,000 Jews were killed. Hitler brought death - we are bringing life! There are still 5,000 Jews in that city that we will seek to reach. On the final day, we will have the first service of a brand new Messianic congregation in that city. For more information on these outreaches go to or

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