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Small group prayer
Worship on the grass
Set near the northern coast of Israel, our national summer youth camp included 85 teens and 18 counselors. The theme was "Changing Gears". It was time to simplify. For example, the kids cooked their own lunch on campfires in a eucalyptus grove. A reduced sound system for worship brought us closer to each other and the Lord.

Hiking picturesque canyons, we discovered rushing streams and rock-strewn rapids. Through physical challenge, youth experienced mutual dependence and community. At the end of a full week together, the young people stood in prayer circles. Arms around each other, they asked for God's blessings on their lives. Seeing this made it all worthwhile!

Before going home, they offered these comments:

This has been a difficult period of my life with many burdens. These days were incredible. God really spoke to me through every small thing. Thank you!

Our progress comes at the price of tears, effort and honesty.

The Spirit speaks to us individually and wants a personal connection with each of us. Katzir ("harvest") helps us to develop this relationship.

[For more information about the ministry of Katzir, write to Vanessa:]

Learning to walk it out together Preparing lunch in the great outdoors

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