One big happy family - for a week
Orit and David introduce
our camp theme - The Expedition
Everyone lends a hand!
Each season of the year is defined by its holidays. In the fall, we welcome the New Year with Rosh HaShanah, Yom Kippur and Sukkot. In the winter Hannukah brightens our lives. Spring brings renewal and remembrance during the week of Pesach. But what do we do during the long hot summer season? We celebrate CAMP!

Since Camp Reshet is a "holiday" of our own making, we have come up with many fun traditions to accompany it: creative crafts, silly games, pool time, baseball, night games etc. Each year we also get to learn about new aspects of our relationship with God and each other. This time we chose to focus on "Expeditions" - epic journeys from the Bible and the qualities that made them successful. Central to all those expeditions was God's guidance and the giftings contributed by each participant. As we learned about biblical journeys we also saw how those same elements could be applied to our lives today.

It was a joy to once again celebrate Camp Reshet together with many gifted and giving people from our network of congregations and from Beltway Baptist Church in Texas!

Carrying each other's burdens
along the journey
Nighttime military expedition -
in the footsteps of the 12 spies into Canaan
Lunch in the main hall

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12:07 30Aug13 Guy Poron -
HalleluYAH! I love these pictures with the children of the Almighty! Blessed are you all who serve The Lord! What to say more! We love blue and white and it's plenty of it, a great blessing! ... and the smile of this little girl ... It shows evidently that the Feasts never end and are just accomplished day after day, it's sure! Would it help to make teshuva once a year?

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