Teen Sumer Camp
by Connie, , Tents of Mercy Network

Katzir Kayitz (Summer Harvest), our annual summer camp for teens, took place a few weeks ago on the far Northern Mediterranean coast. About 80 youth plus 20 counselors from all over Israel participated. The camp is structured around small groups that meet together every morning for quiet time, Bible study, sharing and prayer.

Each of the six days was filled with fun activities, many involving water. One of the highlights was not quite so much fun, but was very meaningful. The whole group traveled by bus to the shore of Lake Kinneret (the Sea of Galilee). There we participated in a great new program called the "Beautiful Land Initiative." Within an hour and a half we filled 408 large garbage bags with litter. It was hot and dirty and gross. It was also a really good experience - very satisfying and thought provoking for us all.

Every evening there was a meeting led by a different worship team from among the teens themselves, and then sharing by dynamic speakers. Following the messages, there was more worship and an opportunity for prayer.

Probably the best part of the camp was how the kids softened up over a period of days - getting close to each other, letting their guard down and allowing their hearts and lives to be impacted by the gentle leading of the Holy Spirit. What a sight to see tall, lanky teenagers with their arms draped around each other's shoulders, swaying back and forth during sweet times of worship.

There's a fierce battle raging for the hearts and souls of Israel's youth and young adults. Ongoing intercession is appropriate and appreciated.

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