Connie Kind Shishkoff loved to draw and paint from childhood and into her early 20's. Subsequently, however, full-time artistry took a back seat to raising 4 children and making aliyah to Israel in 1992.

In 2009, shortly before her youngest child entered the Israeli Defense Forces, Connie finally felt released to passionately dive back into art. Since then she has been prolifically exploring the land and the people of Israel with brush and canvas.

If you want to connect with Connie, she can be reached To enjoy more of Connie's artwork, visit her facebook page "Ckspaint".

Tents of Mercy Congregation salutes Connie's inspiration and creativity. We are so grateful for her encouraging presence.

By Tents of Mercy
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09:42 02Oct14 Donna Diorio -
Those are beautiful! Way to go, Connie!

09:55 02Oct14 Elhanan ben-Avraham -
Nice work, Connie!

16:51 02Oct14 Shirley Foley -
Lovely work Connie. I wish I knew you. I'm into watercolor when the Holy Spirit gives an anointing! Thank you for your ministry to Tents of Mercy.

18:03 02Oct14 SDJ -
The artwork is beautiful!

23:13 02Oct14 Cynthia Knox -
Thank you Connie, for sharing the beautiful gift of creative art/painting you have been given!

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