Discipleship and Agriculture at Olive Tree Ranch
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Nurturing Growth
Olive Tree Ranch is excited to be launching a new and unique version of discipleship in the Galilee under the oversight of Tents of Mercy. It is a 6 month work-study program providing indigenous Hebrew spiritual discipleship together with working hours both in olive groves and on a goat-dairy farm. The participants are paid a work scholarship stipend while investing the time and effort in the discipleship content of the program. The first session will run from Autumn 2013 through Spring 2014.

Existing Needs:

Many young Israeli believers are interested in a season of intensive discipleship after being released from three intensive years of mandatory army service. At the same time, they want to "get on" with life by working and saving money for the next phase, such as university studies.

This work-study program meets both of these needs in an Israeli context of pioneering and working the land, and has already generated much interest among young Israeli believers. The program includes an early morning discipleship regimen of the Word, worship and prayer followed by a good day's work and then homework and reading assignments in the evening.

Added Value Incentive: The Israeli government has an established channel by which it gives recently released IDF soldiers a substantial monetary bonus after they have worked for 6 months in agriculture (one of the priority national economic sectors). This bonus makes the project even more attractive.

Harvesting Olives Early Mornings in the Word
The participants of the first session are a very promising group of young men who recently completed their mandatory service in the Israeli army, in combat and other mission-critical roles. They have joined this work-study program even though they could easily save more money through other endeavors.

For example, "E" served in the border patrol of the Israeli army rising to become squad commander. After the army he worked in a well-paying civilian job for some time until he felt clearly led by God to take a break in order to have a season of focused spiritual growth. He was so enthused about being a part of our program that he came early and began serving before the official starting date!

Initial Funding:

We welcome donor partners who want to help cover expenses in launching the program. If you are interested in helping with prayer or finances, feel free to contact David by email: 1olive.tree.ranch@gmail.com. Contributions can be made to Tikkun with a separate note "For Olive Tree Ranch Discipleship".

Early morning worship D & E working on the goat farm

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