Love is All You Need
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"Love is all you need" was written on their decorative napkins. And experiencing Sasha and Sigal's wedding, one was convinced. Set in the Carmel forest, the celebration was an oasis of joy and love amidst the smoke and death of the Gaza war.

"In my imperfection, I pledge my unconditional devotion to you for our entire lifetime," said he, looking into her eyes. "I promise to continue loving you faithfully, even in times when love will not be as simple for us as it is at this moment," she responded.

Sasha is the son of the Tishkovs, who made aliyah from Kazakhstan in the former Soviet Union. Sigal is the daughter of the Shishkoffs, immigrants from the U.S.A. East meets West - in Israel. They courted for five years, through high school and army service, serving together in the Tents of Mercy youth group and worship teams.

Their wedding was a climactic celebration of restored life in Israel, fulfilled prophecy and intertwined lives, and also a glimpse and foretaste of another Wedding yet to come.

Photos by Tasha Romasha

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