Songs of Longing on Israeli Radio
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Occasionally we hear a "crossover" song on secular Israeli radio - from religious Orthodox Jewish singers, into the Hebrew secular mainstream. One such singer is Yonatan Rzael, whose songs are being played on secular radio stations. His songs and others like them reveal the heart hunger in this nation, and a yearning for the God of Israel.

The heartbeat you hear in these songs is not a national sense of "God, save us from those pesky Iranians wanting to wipe us off the map", but rather a more deeply personal chord from the innermost being of the composer. The lyrics speak for themselves:

Va'ani Tfilati (My Prayer to You) by Y. Razel

But as for me my prayer is to You
In an acceptable time
Do You hear my voice?
Again I stand here naked before You
Do You remember who I am?

This is little me
Whom You placed in the garden [of Eden]
Asking, calling out to You
That You would come to me the man ["Adam"]
Because I need You in this world

Bein Hazlilim (Between the Sounds) by Y. Razel

In between the sounds
In between the words
And yet high above the stars
And also close to me deep in the heart

Calling me to Himself
Not to forget, not to conceal
So that before the sun sets
Perhaps a new day will shine ...

Or Chadesh (A New Light) by S. Rand

A new light will break into my room
My heart will open up and be filled
A new song will quake inside of me
And come forth upon my lips ...

And You will comfort us
Because we have been very startled ...
And our mouths will be filled with laughter
When you are revealed

My Father, my Father lengthen Your stride
Because my strength is almost gone
My soul, my soul will go out to meet You
O when You are revealed

Can you sense a stage of fulfillment of prayer and of prophecy?

"Israel, I the LORD, will lure you ... and speak gently to you ...
You will say 'Yes' to me as you did in your youth, when leaving Egypt ...
I will no longer even let you mention the names of those pagan gods that you called 'Master'.
I will say ... 'You are my people', and they will answer, 'You are our God'.
" Hosea 2:14-23 (CEV)

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