The Rainbow of Sounds Music School is managed by Nina Mazin as one of the "Return To Zion" ministries.

We started Rainbow of Sounds in 2010 with only a few instruments and a vision to offer affordable, quality musical education to children from different backgrounds. In addition to the excellent benefits of musical training, we believe that many of the children we are teaching will make up the worship teams of tomorrow. With the help of faithful partners around the world, we have been able to increase the number and variety of instruments the children can play. Last fall we had thirty students enrolled and five instructors.

A budding violinist
In 2012 we began a new program which assists children from financially challenged families, whose parents cannot afford the monthly tuition fee of $130. There are many talented children in the families that receive help from our soup kitchen. With all their youthful energy, one cannot expect pre-teens to stay at home and do nothing. They soon wander off to the streets. I strongly believe that a childhood interest in music will help these pre-teens to steer away from all sorts of anti-social behavior later in life. We have seen that it is worthwhile to invest in these young lives and music lessons give them an outlet for their energy. Many have fallen in love with playing their instruments and prefer to stay at home and practice.

The young are not the only ones who benefit from playing an instrument and it's never too late to begin. In some instances music lessons can even be a rehabilitation tool, as in the case of Yashar ("Upright"), a recovering alcoholic. One day, when visiting our soup kitchen, he informed us of his lifelong dream to play the piano. Since then he has been an eager student in our music school who never misses a lesson. Enabling him to fulfill this musical dream of his heart has helped keep him on the narrow path in gaining victory over past addiction.

It is music students like these that greatly benefit from the support of our donors. We want to invite our ministry partners to sponsor lessons for these children. Would you like to join us in this special musical endeavor?

For more information, please write to

Yashar playing therepeutic piano Learning how to play together

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