Terri Morey

Wife of Founding Elder
Poriya Congregation
"... the safe haven for the Jewish people is now the State of Israel."

"Surely the Lord God does nothing, unless He reveals His secrets to His servants" (Amos 3:7).

A Zionist prophet is still revered in Israel. Streets are named after him, and a museum in Tel Aviv tells of incredible things this one man did during his life time. That man was Vladimir Ze'ev Jabotinsky.

In the late 1930s Jabotinsky crisscrossed Europe, warning Jews to get out.

"Vladimir Jabotinsky was a powerhouse of Zionist vision, rhetoric and action. He trained and inspired modern Israeli leaders like Menachem Begin. When much of European Jewry was enjoying a false security at the end of the l9th century ... Jabotinsky was screaming at the top of his lungs: 'The ground of Europe is burning under your feet! Get out while you can! Let us rebuild our homeland!' Jabotinsky saw what very few around him could see - the disasters that were unfolding - even though they were all looking at the same thing." (quote from Messianic leader B. Cohen)

Jabotinsky delivered a touching and sad speech in Warsaw, Poland, on Tisha B'av, 24 October, 1938. This was his prophetic warning, spoken in Yiddish, to his people:

Ze'ev Jabotinsky
"It is already three years that I am calling upon you, Polish Jewry, who are the crown of World Jewry. I continue to warn you incessantly that a catastrophe is coming closer! I become gray and old in these days, my heart bleeds that you dear brothers and sisters do not see the volcano which will soon begin to spit its all - consuming lava."

Ze'ev died on August 4, 1940. Thankfully he was not allowed to see the horrors of what took place in Europe, especially in Poland where 3,000,000 Jews perished in the Holocaust.

What an awesome safe haven America has been for the Jewish people until NOW - but no longer! Because, my dearest brothers and sisters, the safe haven for the Jewish people is now the State of Israel; no longer the USA, no longer France, Germany or England, no longer South America or Australia, or any other nation in the world. The Father is calling ... to leave the Diaspora and to come home.

We urgently address Jews reading this to leave America and Europe! (Isn't the same orchestrated madness that led up to World War II - pressing in on the Jews to flee Europe today?) I call to my fellow Jews everywhere to quickly prepare to come to Israel with honor, with your belongings, with your self-esteem, with your credentials and diplomas. Time is short, and this increasingly chaotic world is about to spin out of control. This is an emphatic, passionate summons to return home! Respond with faith and action to the call of the God of Israel through the voice of His servants, who like Jabotinsky, are even now travelling throughout America and Europe with His prophetic warning. Don't doubt or ignore it. We don't want to be like the 10 spies who resisted God in fear and unbelief. They were part of an entire generation who wept and murmured against Him and also died in the wilderness. Rather, believe and proceed in faith like the two good spies in Numbers 13. Their names were Calev and Joshua.

Today, in Israel two leading attorneys who help Jews enter into the Promised Land in the Aliyah process, are named, appropriately, Calev and Joshua. Our modern day Calev said: "Don't believe an evil bad report about Aliyah for believers. This is not the time to wander in the desert and believe lies. God is a miracle maker and many success stories are being made in Israel. Don't believe you can't move there, learn Hebrew, get educated, find a job, provide for family, and serve your community." (Millions, yes millions, have done it before you!)

To sum up this prophetic warning: I have lived in Israel for over 33 years and enjoyed seeing and experiencing miraculous provision, progress and change since our family made Israel our home. My husband and I left all that was dear to us behind, to join this young nation and to help her grow. Now the prophetic hour is late. Anti-Semitism again spreads across the continents. Don't wait until disaster strikes suddenly and irreversibly as it did in World War II.

The dangers are all around us. We need to pray and seek the Lord for His direction. We need to consider what He has promised us in His word concerning those who are willing to leave behind houses and even family relatives (Luke 18:29).

Love, in His unfailing love,
Terri Morey

PS And to our beloved Gentile brothers and sisters in the nations: We encourage you to stand with your Jewish exiled brethren in any way possible. At the same time we encourage you to be the righteous remnant in your nation, contending for God's full destiny on all those around you, and for the full extension of mercy and revival in the midst of coming judgements.

By Terri Morey
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17:57 30Jun16 Frank Onofrio -
I agree. Jews everywhere, including in the USA, should make Aliyah back to the Promised Land not because they should not be treated equally & with respect around the world, but because it is what God wants for them. If they want to be faithful to the God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob, they should do as He wishes. Yes, it's not easy to pick up stakes & go to Israel & restart your life, but it was probably not easy for Abraham to leave Ur of the Chaldees & go to a new Promised Land. The only reason Israel was scattered from there was for their unbelief & punishment for not doing what He told them to do. But now is the time for the regathering! Now is the time for Israel to be a light to the world & Jerusalem to be its capital. The Bible is often true on many levels (historical, moral, spiritual, etc). Spiritually Israel was a light to the world through God's Word & the Messiah. I believe historically, Israel will be a light to the world also in a restored national Israel, after 2000 years.

18:49 30Jun16 Olwyn Mcgregor -
Since the Lord opened my eyes in 2000 to the truth of the root of our Christian faith He has called me 6 times to your beautiful land, 5 of them as an Intercessor to various Prayer Ministries throughout the Land.
Here at home there are many groups who meet specifically to pray for Israel and her people on a weekly basis and others who are Friends of Israel who are more information orientated who take every opportunity to have Jewish speakers to enlighten us on the past,present and future of the Jewish people and land.
I just want to encourage you that He is doing much in the Nations that often is not obvious to you all back there. I thank the Lord for people like you who boldly speak out with the warnings you are receiving from Him to save those who have ears to hear. Rich Blessings as you continue to walk the path He has set your feet on.

08:28 01Jul16 Cheryl -
This was forwarded to me by a friend. Very rarely do I read something that I fully agree with. This is one of those times.

11:32 02Jul16 Walter Fletcher -
Thank you for your faithfulness in proclaiming Good News out of Zion through Tikkun International. May the Shofar continue to sound a clarion call to God's people in these awesome days before Yeshua, the Messiah's return.

19:21 07Jul16 Elisabeth Syre -
Well said. Some of us need real miracles to make that move. I agree that Israel is the safest place for Jews as the prophesies of Zechariah, Jeremiah and Isaiah are about to take place in front of our eyes.

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