Tikkun Network Celebrates 30 Years
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Training next generation Tikkun USA leadership
What were we doing in 1984? It seems so long ago. Still in our 30's, we had discovered the Lord's heart for congregations to gather together in covenant cooperation and mutual upbuilding. We began with four or five congregations (Beth Messiah, Ohev Yisrael, Rosh Pina, Ahavat Yeshua, and El Shaddai). Since then the American network has grown to twenty and the related kehilot (congregations) in Israel number seven (five with Tents of Mercy and two with Revive Israel).

This year's gathering in Ellicott City, Maryland began with leadership equipping and fellowship. Wonderfully applicable messages helped equip congregational leaders for their essential tasks of feeding the flock and building the body. Teachers included David McQueen, Frank Susler, Don Finto, Dan Juster, Eitan Shishkoff, and Chad Holland. The sessions were punctuated with tension-releasing self-deprecating humor. It was good to laugh at ourselves and to realize that we all walk through similar struggles. At the same time, challenging standards were placed before us, reminding us that we are charged with the progress of the Jewish movement for Messiah Yeshua. We believe that the timing of His coming is closely related to Israel's spiritual harvest.

Still jammin' after 30 years!
Noticeable was the increased role of next generation leaders. These men and their wives, already near or beyond 40 years of age, led meetings, provided organizational cohesion, and exuded "ownership". These essential contributions signal a successful "hand-off" of top level leadership from the generation of founders to the sons.

Marty Goetz moved the general conference to tears and laughter with his passionate praise, worship, and testimony. Our dear veteran brother poured himself out, touching deep cords of love for Yeshua. He helped us experience the feeling of being a family, hanging out together, enjoying our shared heritage and valuable future.

That dynamic of family hit me more than ever before. I found myself looking out on the many hundreds of attendees and thinking "Wow. I've known some of these people more than thirty years. What a history we've been given together! I'm so thankful that, as congregational leaders, we didn't split up, but chose to walk the costly road of keeping covenant. I love these folks so much. What a gift to be a part of this family of the Messiah's communities."

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