"I heard a voice calling my name at 5 in the morning. Since I was just outside my house, I assumed it was my wife, but when I came inside, she was sound asleep."

"... as I was trying to arrange some blankets, my weak wrist broke again and I cried out in pain. Then the strangest thing happened ..."

Editor's note: Sitting in Abebe and Genet's living room, their smiling joy and unity were as perceptible as the delicate, earthy smell of the Ethiopian food I was being served. Here were a husband and wife whose life-long covenant had held fast through several decades and political regimes in two countries. Their marriage is a testimony to God's enduring love and a faithful wife who prayed her husband into the kingdom.

Testimony of Husband Abebe

For 40 years I have been married to my beloved wife. We grew up and were married in Ethiopia before immigrating to Israel in the early 1990's. Though my wife belonged to the house of the Lord, for many years I stayed at home without faith. I had known even before our marriage that my wife was a believer. While I did not want to hear about her faith, I was not against it. I was perfectly willing for my wife to attend believers' events without ever joining in myself. At the same time, when I saw her reading the Bible and going to meetings, I felt a twinge of sadness at being separate from each other in this facet of life.

Ironically, as a teacher in Ethiopia I had the task of preaching Communism during the 17 years in which a Soviet-backed regime ruled the country (1974-1991)! It was expected of me to convince others that there was no God. But I did not.

During those years many friends simply disappeared into the jaws of the oppressive Communist regime. The very fact that I am here today is part of God's plan. I was very careful because I saw the many contradictions and problems that arose regarding the Bible faith tradition of much of the population. Some believers were imprisoned and even killed for their faith. At that time, the circumstances were not right for me to receive the Lord. And lo and behold, 57 years later I am still alive and God has revealed His son to me. My name Abebe means a flower that blossoms in due time.

Turning Point

During the summer of 2011 I first came to the house of the Lord. Things were happening in my life that I could not explain. They were clearly the work of God. One time, coming home from working the night shift, I heard a voice calling my name at 5 in the morning. Since I was just outside my house, I assumed it was my wife, but when I came inside, she was sound asleep. After she woke up I asked her:

"Did you call me? I heard someone."

"No, I was asleep," she replied.

I thought, "What can this be?"

Soon afterward, I agreed to go to the yearly Shavuot (Pentecost) national picnic for believers at Yad Hashmona. At the picnic I saw so many people from all over this country, and felt strangely at home among them. They were calling on the name of the Lord, praising and singing with joy. An urgent question filled my heart:

"Where am I in the midst of all this? Where am I in life?"

At the Shavuot event it amazed me that they prayed for the government and the whole country. I was surprised to see the spectrum of things that were in their hearts and prayers. Then for the first time I saw my wife go up onto the stage with her choir to sing songs of praise. When she finished singing I felt something very special and came and hugged her.

I began to seriously consider my wife's faith and what was happening to me:

Abebe looking at his healed wrists
  • The mysterious voice which was utterly outside of all my frames of reference.
  • The wonderment of seeing my wife praising in a choir.

Then came the straw that broke the camel's back. Fifty years before, at the age of 7, I had broken my wrist. I was ashamed to let anyone know and did not get medical treatment. The wrist did not fully heal and remained slightly twisted. One day, 50 years later, as I was trying to arrange some blankets, my weak wrist broke again and I cried out in pain. Then the strangest thing happened. As I held the reinjured wrist with my healthy hand, suddenly it twisted back into the right position!

I ran to my wife and asked her, "What is happening?"

In surprise, she got up to take a closer look. I kept on looking at my two hands, not believing I had been healed. I was so overjoyed that a few days later, when an Ethiopian evangelist came to town I agreed to go hear him. At the end of the meeting he asked if there was anyone who wanted to give his life to Yeshua. I got up and walked forward. In a flash I understood that Yeshua is my Lord, and I gave my life to Him. From that moment I have been getting stronger in the Lord and His Word.

When we got back home after the meeting, I opened the door and said to my son:

"Today I gave my life to Yeshua ... Why don't you do the same!"

When I see the future, I see a future with the Lord, and this frees me of worry. I look at the things that God did with me. As long as He grants me to live on this earth, I belong to Him. I arrived at Tents of Mercy in my wife's footsteps. Now we are more united than ever as husband and wife.

Wife Genet's Side of the Story

Sometimes people would come and pray in our home and even invite my husband to join in, but he would refuse. We received a prophecy: "Your husband has a strong, hard heart. He will come only by virtue of his wife." This was confirmed several times prophetically. He has done everything in due time (Ecclesiastes 3:11, Titus 1:3). When my husband finally came to the Lord, I cried. All those years I had prayed for him. To tell the truth, toward the end I was tired of praying for him by myself. Then God did a miracle.


Our immigration and absorption in Israel were comparatively easy. In prayer a few days before we left Ethiopia, a child had prophesied over us and said:

"There will be a problem with the flight, but God says He will solve the problem."

As we were about to get on the plane the problem appeared; we were missing the papers for one of my sister's children to leave.

I said, "If my sister cannot fly then I will not fly either."

Miraculously the problem was solved within only one hour and we all got on the plane! The prophecy came true.

When we arrived in Israel God had supernaturally prepared people to take care of our needs. In the first weeks, three families we did not know voluntarily offered us help. We were blessed to able to quickly purchase an apartment.


During the first 12 years in Israel, because of persecution against believers, I stayed at home without visiting congregations. At a certain point I fell, and the lower part of my body became partially paralyzed. Suddenly I was handicapped and could not walk. I became discouraged and asked God why he had brought us to this land. I could have still been working as a teacher in Ethiopia like my husband. Eventually I found a job that did not require walking or standing. One day during a year of many terrorist attacks in Israeli cities, I really felt that I must venture out and go to a meeting of believers. On the way there God showed me that my heart had become hard, and He renewed my faith. At the meeting people were called forward for prayer and healing. The speaker and his wife laid hands on my head and then on my injured legs. Something like smoke left my body, and I knew I was healed. God's healing gradually manifested in my legs and continues to be played out in others areas of my life as well.

We know God will continue to work in our life. We would appreciate your prayers with us that our wonderful grown children will come back to the Lord as well. God is near to us not far away. "So I say to you, ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you" (Luke 11:9).

The title graphic is a drawing of a traditional Ethiopian tukul dwelling symbolising marriage and family surrounded by the seven species representing the land of Israel. It was created for a wedding invitation by L.M.M., an artist at Tents of Mercy.

By Tents of Mercy
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15:38 05Feb14 James Garrett -
My heart was so lifted up, by this article. I have been facing some challenging things in the lives of my grown children (I am an 83 year-old grandfather)and their children. This article renewed my desire to continue to pray for them and all that surrounds us, as a family. Thank you for writing this testimony.

05:10 06Feb14 Philip Latham -
A truly inspiring story - thank you.

09:00 06Feb14 Eva -
I loved this... very beautiful... Thank you.

22:42 07Feb14 Sarah Allen -
Thank you for sharing your testimony. This renews my heart to start praying for my fathers salvation again.'

06:41 09Feb14 Roni Mathews -
This article has truly given me the strength and courage to continue to move forward. Also, I will be sending this article to wives and mothers who have been praying on behalf of husbands and children for many years.

  -- The Editor replies: Wow! It is a real blessing to hear how one family's journey can bless so many others.

07:36 16Feb14 Brian and Anne Nelson -
Thank you so much for sharing this inspiring testimony. I particularly responded to Genet's words, "God is near to us, He is not far away". I will commit myself to pray for Abebe and Genet's grown children to come back to The Lord and for God's continued healing to come to full fruition in the life of Genet in all areas. This testimony also encourages me to continue in prayer; to NEVER GIVE UP ! I have had the privilege of praying for Israel and The Jewish People for more than 20 years now and I long to see The Church labour with God instead of against His ordained purposes for Israel and The Jewish People.

1:08 19Mar15 Cecilia -
What joy to read this, so encouraging & uplifting, how great is our G-d, forever faithful. My prayers for family members and Israel invigorated

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