"... the song ... captured the essence of our common expectation of His appearance in the sky after the regathering of our people from all over the earth."

I'm pleased to announce the official release of my "Legacy" digital songbook project! It contains 30 transcribed original songs in an easy to follow format. The printable PDF sheet music files have guitar chords, melody line, lyrics and accompaniment. The data disc (not playable in your car CD player, only on computer) also includes power point files for all the songs, hyperlinks to where you can hear samples and mp3 files for tunes not connected to the hyperlink locations.

Best of all there is no fixed price to receive your copy! Yes, you heard right ... this is free! However, if you would like to offer a monetary gift as a contribution (there is NO OBLIGATION) to offset the costs of production and shipping from Israel, it would be appreciated.

In order for me to send your copy I only need a 'snail mail' address. Please send it to me at: chopfamily@yahoo.com

Of all these songs I would have to say "O Yeshua" is especially meaningful to me. The song came to me while I was reading Matthew 24 for the first time. I was thinking about the promised return of the Messiah to Israel and feeling a strong yearning/longing for that day. As time went on the song was recorded on the first "Israel's Hope" recording (a vinyl LP!!) and really captured the essence of our common expectation of His appearance in the sky after the regathering of our people from all over the earth.

O Yeshua, how long must we wait?
Longing for the day of Your return.
O Yeshua, in Zion shall be
Your people of praise
when You return.

Another one of the songs is taken from II Corinthians1:20 which says, "ALL the promises of God, 'In Him' are Yes and Amen."

Are you 'In Him?'

Don't let another day go by without knowing who you are ... IN HIM.

Here's a link to some of the songs in the songbook: here.

Vintage shot with music partners Paul Wilbur and Rene Bloch Marc and Leah with their grandson
By Marc Chopinsky
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