"Uniting Yeshua's disciples in a kingdom expression of the joint destiny of Israel and the nations."

What if? What if there could be a place in Israel, a portion of the land, that was set aside for the use of all Yeshua's congregations - both Jewish and Arab? What if there was room for recreation and camps and conferences and retreats? What if it was owned and staffed by a non-profit entity of local believers, aided by volunteers from the nations, fostering an atmosphere of loving hospitality with daily worship and prayer? What if the guests hosted included our believing brothers and sisters from the nations.

If the answer to all the above is "That would be amazing, unique, timely - a new stage in Israel's restoration", then it leads us to the next question. Why not? Why not take steps to locate such a place and believe that God, who said "the earth is mine and the fullness thereof", would be pleased to author such a venture?

These are the exact questions that arose in us several years ago and we have not been able to shake them off. Consequently we began scouting to see if any suitable property might be available. All the while we've known that it would take a long string of miracles to pull it off.

Well, those miracles have begun. We'll have to reserve future space in this publication to chronicle the journey, but at this stage we are rolling toward the fulfillment of this dream. It has gained a name: Fields of Wheat. It is registered as a new, national non-profit organization in Israel. And the dream has begun to take shape to create a hospitality village in the Galilee.

Here are our five purposes:

1. SERVING Israel's Jewish and Arab congregations. A venue for youth and children's camps, congregational retreats, equipping conferences, family training, unity initiatives and more.

2. UNITING Yeshua's disciples in a kingdom expression of the joint destiny of Israel and the nations through fellowship and mutual service. Experiencing home away from home.

3. CULTIVATING an atmosphere of worship and prayer for staff, volunteers and guests, featuring a prayer vista room, prayer paths and gardens. Plowing the ground for spiritual breakthrough.

4. WELCOMING Israel's returning exiles back to the land. A practical outreach in prophetic fulfillment of Isaiah 49:22.

5. DISCIPLING day-to-day staff and volunteers both local and international. Living a community lifestyle of Word, worship and work.

Please join us in praying through to the full realization of this vision to equip His children to bear good fruit.

By Tents of Mercy
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14:21 29Jul15 Martha C Johnson -
What a wonderful idea - blessing - plan for all five purposes! Thank you for sharing your vision and plans! I agree and will be joining in prayer - when funds are available will send.

09:58 30Jul15 Susan Kampschmidt -
May The Lord bless your plans for if He builds it, they will come! I agree with you in His Name, Yeshua, for He will give you this desire of yours that He placed there! You will be in my prayers for fulfillment of this wonderful endeavor, for The Lord to prosper you in it!

14:51 30Jul15 Peggy Magnuson -
Hallelujah! This is the very thing that my heart longs for!! Am praying that Abba will make funds available for me to join this project with my feet on the ground there!!! Keep me posted!!

23:13 31Jul15 Suzanna for G.O. Fellowship -
PRAISE God for such a venue, [though we belive there may have been some similar ventures before?] May ADONAI EL SHADDAI = ALMIGHTY lead you and provide in every aspect, to His Glory.

10:43 02Aug15 Nancy Hinga -
This vision is wonderful and touches the heart as one reads through it. I am thrilled and believe it will be fulfilled in Yeshua's name.

16:49 03Aug15 Ann Anderson -
I believe this is what my heart has been longing for. Keep us posted!

19:24 22Nov15 Valeria Lemonarche -
Only today I knew about this dream. I want be part of it. May God can use my life to serve as a biblical counsellor there? Praying for the Project.

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