An evening of thoughtful fun and creative fellowship for the ladies at Tents of Mercy
By Hannah T.

Our precious and virtuous women
Food, Fun & Fellowship ... and some jewelry too!

The women in our community work very hard, most with physically demanding jobs of many hours, in addition to the regular demands of home making and parenting. For the most part, they neither have the opportunity nor make the time to focus on something fun and inspiring for themselves. In light of this, we have been contouring our women's meetings to attempt to meet this essential need by including something for body soul and spirit ~ yummy food, a craft to stimulate our creative juices, and an inspiring thought nugget from the Bible.

In our recent women's evening, the theme was from Proverbs 31:10 where King Solomon writes "Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies." (The word actually means 'pearls' in modern Hebrew - anyway, some kind of lovely stone ... ) After eating dinner together, we played a "getting to know you" game, talking a little bit about what makes us feel beautiful and valuable. Then we were encouraged to meditate on Proverbs 31 in its entirety over the summer and to consider that God calls all of us to be virtuous women. He has declared all of us valuable by paying the ultimate price for us - His life. Amen!

To cap off our evening we brought out beads and supplies for each woman to make her own piece of jewelry. The room buzzed with friendly, if somewhat chaotic creativity and every woman got to take home a reminder that her worth is "more than rubies".

By Hannah T.
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