Behind the Scenes
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Being part of this year's Purim play, told through the dramatization of the Disney hit Frozen, has been such a privilege. As a new member of Tents of Mercy congregation, it felt lovely to be welcomed into a big congregational project and to be able to contribute to something which was so well done.

No matter how you tell it, Esther's story carries such a deep and relevant message. Esther was part of a story that God wrote. Her role was demanding, difficult, at times unpredictable, but vital. If Esther had not done what she did, what would the consequences have been? Unthinkable.

There was a hint of this as we prepared for the Purim play, "Kafurim" (Frozen Purim). The young actors and assistants were so committed. They faithfully attended rehearsals, learned their lines, practiced dances, painted scenery and created costumes. They played out - on stage and behind the scenes - what God calls each of us to do when we accept Yeshua into our lives; to commit ourselves, to face challenges and unpredictability. There is a great story being told and we are all part of it. God is author, director and producer. So often the main work is behind the scenes, in the preparation, where no one but God sees. But as we witnessed on the night of the performance, the results are powerful. Each person has a unique part to play, and being part of this year's production reminded me of this important truth.

Believe it! Be inspired by the message of Purim. You are an integral part of God's story and He will use you to make a difference, to change and perhaps even rescue lives.

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