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 A Busy Shabbat  July 2015  
 A New Home  February 2015  
 A Pastoral Perspective  March 2007  
 Ahavat Yeshua, A Miracle in Jerusalem  March 2013  
 Ahavat Yeshua Congregation  November 2015  
 Ahavat Yeshua Outreach  September 2014  
 Ban Ki Moon and Terror  March 2016  
 Bridges to China  May 2007  
 Four Years of Wonder  May 2010  
 Immersion of the Eight  November 2008  
 God's Favor on Man  June 2007  
 Happy 10th Birthday Ahavat Yeshua  June 2016  
 Happy Birthday Ahavat Yeshua  August 2009  
 Relationships: the Foundation  August 2015  
 Sharing the Light in Jerusalem  March 2008  
 THE CALL - Jerusalem 2008  June 2008  
 The Incredible Feasts of Israel  November 2008  
 Two New Living Stones  February 2010  
 Yeshua Superstar  October 2010