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 Action in Tel Aviv  October 2014  
 Arab-Jewish Resurrection Service  May 2012  
 A Young Woman with A Big Heart  September 2012  
 Bar Mitzvahs at Ahavat Yeshua  February 2012  
 Come and Let Us Go Up  September 2007  
 Israel Society Takes a "Second Look" at Messianic Jews  May 2011  
 New Life at Ahavat Yeshua  January 2013  
 O Little Town of Bethlehem  February 2007  
 Poland Breakthrough  December 2012  
 Prayer, Praise & Prophecy  December 2011  
 Prince and Princess  October 2009  
 Shavuot 2013  July 2013  
 Shavuot Diary  July 2011  
 The Ellis Farm  June 2011  
 The Oil of Joy for Mourning  September 2013  
 The Star is Born  February 2014  
 Visit to Auschwitz  October 2011  
 Women's Brunch  October 2013  
 Yom Kippur Conference  November 2012