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 A Good Predicament  May 2018  
 A New Level of Partnership  May 2014  
 An African Israeli in Kenya  January 2010  
 An Invitation to Stop  October 2017  
 Destiny Transition  December 2014  
 Ethiopian Birthday Bash  February 2014  
 Everyone Has a Song  July 2015  
 Fire on the Mountain  January 2011  
 From the Middle East to the Far East and Back Again  September 2011  
 From Opression to Inspiration  June 2006  
 Gifts of Spring  May 2010  
 Hope and the Hyacinth  March 2018   - with Hannah
 Humanitarian Aid Report  November 2014  
 Israel at War, A Snapshot  September 2014  
 "Kelim" - Equipping for Destiny  June 2018  
 Passover Blessing  May 2009  
 Relief in the Days of Awe  October 2010  
 Sigid - An Ethiopian Thanksgiving  February 2006  
 Spring Cleaning  July 2013  
 Thankful but Not Happy  June 2015  
 The Remnant From Cush  November 2004  
 The Trek to the Promised Land  September 2007  
 TUMULT  August 2014   - with David
 What Does the Future Hold?  November 2015   - with Hannah