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 A Dream about Affections of this World  July 2017  
 A New Level of Prophecy  May 2018  
 A People Made Ready  September 2005  
 Abraham & Lot "Why Did Lot Tarry?"  December 2010  
 Aggressive Fruit of the Spirit  July 2017  
 Aggressive Humility  December 2016  
 Alignment  November 2017  
 All Authority  November 2014  
 All Israel Shall Be Saved  November 2012  
 All You Need is Love  February 2012  
 An Open Letter  June 2004  
 Anointing Oil for the Head of Government  May 2016  
 Apostolic Community in Jerusalem  August 2012  
 As in the Days  July 2013  
 As Time Goes By  June 2006  
 Attitudes Toward Tribulation  February 2018  
 Authority, Discipleship and the Great Commission  April 2013  
 Be Perfect! Are you kidding?  September 2017  
 Bearing Fruit  July 2005  
 Covenant Relationships and the Cross  July 2015  
 Covenant Relationships Revisited  August 2004  
 Covenantal Order or Gifts of the Spirit?  January 2016  
 Congregation Tiferet Yeshua  May 2014  
 Cultural and Ethnic Developments  January 2014  
 D-Day and Prayer for France  July 2004  
 Daniel's Prophecies  June 2015  
 David's Greater Son  March 2007  
 Day of Atonement  October 2014  
 Death and Resurrection in All Things  September 2009  
 Deception in the End Times  November 2011  
 Delivery Man  March 2018   - with Ron Cantor
 Destiny for the Church of Spain  February 2011  
 Discipleship Manual  April 2006  
 Do I Have to Join a Congregation?  March 2016  
 Double Meaning of Salvation  May 2015  
 Equal and Opposite Reaction  January 2018  
 Esther, Iran and the End Times  April 2009  
 Esther, Iran and the End Times  March 2012  
 Evangelism & Discipleship  June 2005  
 Evil Empire  March 2015  
 Exile and Redemption  June 2014  
 Faith Through Love  December 2013  
 Faithful  January 2014  
 Faithful Friend  September 2011  
 Faithfulness as Faith Refined  January 2015  
 Feast of Tabernacles and the Millennial Kingdom  October 2011  
 Feet of Yeshua  November 2013  
 Fig, Olive & Vine  April 2014  
 Friends Forever  January 2013  
 From Assyria to Egypt  June 2007  
 Gaza, Praise and Gay Parade  August 2015  
 Gentile Levites  October 2015  
 Giving: the Ultimate Ministry  August 2003  
 Glorification of the Saints  December 2011  
 Glorified and Human Appearances of Yeshua  November 2008  
 God and Armies  January 2013  
 God Punishes Sin (GPS)  February 2017  
 God Told Me! ... Really?  April 2015  
 God's Destiny for Arabs and Jews  January 2017  
 God's Transforming Power  October 2009  
 Gospel in Asia  May 2009  
 Healing Father Wounds  December 2017  
 Hebrew Roots of Ordination  October 2017  
 Honor and Blessing  April 2013  
 How Difficult to Crucify the Flesh  May 2014  
 How We See Social Justice  July 2016  
 Indigenous Evangelism  November 2005  
 Intimacy  March 2013  
 ISIS, Israel & Islam  February 2016  
 Islam and Racism  April 2017  
 Israel Revival Strategy  October 2004  
 Jerusalem and Eden One  June 2017  
 Jerusalem Descending & the Kingdom Coming  July 2004  
 John 17 Prayer  January 2009  
 Joint Destiny  October 2016  
 Judah First  August 2014  
 Keeping The Sabbath  June 2010  
 Kurios  October 2012  
 King of the Jews  May 2004  
 King of the Jews  January 2008  
 Lion of Judah  March 2016  
 Light in the Midst of Darkness  January 2016  
 Light to the Nations  October 2006  
 Law of Perspective  April 2011  
 Lech Lecha - Go You!  February 2014  
 Lord of Forgiveness  November 2016  
 Love Involes Pain  January 2012  
 Luke 10  April 2010  
 Mega Trends in the Bible  December 2009  
 Mighty Wind All Night  April 2018  
 Modern Chinese Spiritual Development  August 2013  
 More Than Bar Mitzvah  December 2004  
 Moving What Mountain?  February 2016  
 New Age of Acts of the Apostles  March 2017  
 Northern Army  November 2015  
 Occupation and Settlement  February 2017  
 Oil and Oil Press  April 2012  
 Out of the East  August 2013  
 Passion for the Kingdom  September 2015  
 Passover and Baptism  April 2010  
 Passover and Baptism  May 2018  
 Paul's Self-Description  May 2016  
 Penina  July 2003  
 Personal Reflections on a Court Case  August 2011  
 Peter's Revelation about Gentiles  July 2013  
 Pleased to Crush  December 2014  
 Prayer and Blessing of Job  May 2015  
 Prayer and Praise Ministry  August 2004  
 Praying for Government Leaders  December 2017  
 Praying for the Middle East  July 2003  
 President, Pope and Prime Minister  October 2005  
 Prince and Princess  October 2009  
 Prophecy and the Middle East  February 2015  
 Power of the Cross  June 2013  
 Precedent for Apostolic Teams  September 2016  
 Pronouncing YHVH  September 2016  
 Purity Before Power  April 2018  
 Rabbi "J"  June 2012  
 Rabbinic Judaism - Lessons from the Book of Acts  January 2011  
 Rabbinic Literature  May 2005  
 Rainbow, Dove and Olive  December 2012  
 Recovering the Apostolic Commission  February 2013  
 Restoration of All Things  October 2010  
 Righteous Government in Israel  October 2007  
 Servanthood  April 2012  
 School of the Prophets  February 2005  
 Shavuot Prayer  May 2012  
 Spiritual Maturity or an Accusatory Spirit?  October 2015  
 Stephen: The First Martyr  June 2009  
 Strategic Alliance Between Evangelical Christians And The State of Israel  December 2007  
 Strategic Giving and Apostolic Ministry  January 2007  
 Super-Heroes & the Fruit of Self Control  September 2017  
 Teamwork Leadership  January 2015  
 Ten Prophetic Keys  November 2016  
 Terrorist Attack in Jerusalem  August 2008  
 THE Apostle and THE High Priest  October 2017  
 The Blood of Amir Simachon  September 2003  
 The Controversy of the Gospel  January 2008  
 The Core Value of Reconciliation  April 2017  
 The Discipling Difference  March 2005  
 The Exodus Experience  April 2005  
 The "Falling Away" and Redefining the Church  September 2015  
 The Generosity Gospel  August 2007  
 The Glory of God  May 2010  
 The Heavenly Man  April 2007  
 The Holy Spirit, The Gospel and Jewish Tradition  August 2008  
 The Israel Land Question  July 2014  
 The Ladder of Law and Gospel  March 2009  
 The Lord's Prayer  December 2015  
 The Miracle of Israel's 70th Anniversary  June 2018  
 The Name of Messiah Prophesied  September 2013  
 The Price of Unity  April 2015  
 The Ruth & Esther Keys  April 2016  
 The Shavuot Pattern  July 2011  
 The Third Kind of Love  April 2017  
 The Three Dimensional Kingdom  September 2004  
 The Three Generational God  November 2011  
 Three Dimensional Faith  November 2015  
 Three Goals of Apostolic/Prophetic Restoration  January 2017  
 Three Priesthoods  May 2017  
 Timing of the Rapture  February 2017  
 Tisha B'Av on the Lebanese Border  September 2006  
 To Be Seen  June 2015  
 Triangle of Intimacy  May 2013  
 Trouble Ahead  August 2017  
 Turning Point  March 2015  
 Two Sticks Prophecy  March 2014  
 Types of Teams  December 2016  
 Unbreakable Covenant  September 2012  
 Unity and the Messianic Remnant in Israel  January 2012  
 Urgency of Prayer  June 2018  
 Victory and Persecution in Revelation  March 2018  
 War in the Heavenlies  February 2009  
 Was Mary A Virgin?  March 2010  
 Wealth of the Nations & Feet of the Apostles  April 2017  
 We Prophesy in Part  February 2018  
 What Can't I Hear?  May 2016  
 Whom He Foreknew  October 2013  
 Wisdom and the Fear of God  September 2014  
 Yad Hashmonah  November 2011  
 Yad Hashmonah Lawsuit  November 2012  
 Yeshua at Prayer: Tears, Shouting and Godly Fear  August 2015  
 Yeshua's Ministry Pattern  January 2005  
 Yom Kippur - the Day of Atonement  November 2006