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"Marc ruminated on the Holy Spirit's instructions and a plan began to formulate in his mind, "I sensed the project was to have four objectives, to emphasize the Lordship of Yeshua, Focus on God's sovereignty, record 'anthems' with a heavenly theme and bring refreshment to the Messianic movement, particularly English speakers in the West.""

Every January, "Intercessors for Israel" holds a prayer conference in Jerusalem. For the last seven years they have asked Marc Chopinsky to lead worship at the conference. For those of us who know Marc personally, that is not a surprising choice. Marc has had some twenty years to hone his craft as a worship leader; his Spirit-sensitive leadership style is conducive to helping intercessors focus on the majesty and faithfulness of God.

The conference had just ended and Marc was packing up the sound equipment, ready to head back to the Haifa Bay area. Quite to his surprise, after the inspiring music and worship had ended, Marc heard the Holy Spirit speak: "Produce a recording in English that focuses on the centrality of Yeshua." Marc was surprised not only with the Holy Spirit's timing but with His explicit command instructing Marc to record the project in English.

Marc's experience in music ministry predates his role as a worship leader. In the 1980s, Marc, along with Rene Bloch and Paul Wilbur, was a member of "Israel's Hope" the forerunner, seminal Messianic worship band that recorded two critically acclaimed albums. The band concluded their ministry and Paul Wilbur moved on to establish a solo career as a recording artist. Marc and his wife Leah subsequently moved to Israel where Marc set up a recording business and settled in as Tents of Mercy's worship leader.

Marc Chopinsky leading worship
All of Marc's musical endeavors in Israel have focused on Hebrew based music. Marc noted, "English was not on my agenda, all my years in Israel I have emphasized worship in Hebrew and have endeavored to promote and produce Israeli Hebrew music." Marc ruminated on the Holy Spirit's instructions and a plan began to formulate in his mind. "I sensed the project was to have four objectives, to emphasize the Lordship of Yeshua, Focus on God's sovereignty, record 'anthems' with a heavenly theme and bring refreshment to the Messianic movement, particularly English speakers in the West."

As Marc began to plan out his project he turned to keyboard player, Michael Gerasimov. Michael had been Marc's accompanist at the prayer conference and a new addition to the Tents of Mercy worship team. Michael and his family made aliyah just 3 years ago and he has an extensive musical education and experience. The two men quickly discovered that they shared very similar styles and musical philosophy. Marc explained, "I could not have done this album without Michael. It was very much a collaboration between the two of us. I believe Michael's arrival in Israel and joining Tents of Mercy was part of God's timing for this recording."

Marc and Michael got to work, building each of the fourteen songs from the ground up. All told, fitting the recording time in between other commitments, the project took eighteen months to complete. Originally a privately produced project, Marc entitled the CD "Yes and Amen" to emphasize Yeshua's prominence as the culmination of all God's promises to Israel. The disc was completed in July 2011. The well known Messianic record label, Galilee of the Nations, took an interest in the project. After listening to the masters, GOTN president, Yochanan BenYehuda offered to distribute the album through their record label. The graphics were reworked in the familiar GOTN style and the title was recast as "Israel's Hope". This new title also points to the preeminence of Yeshua and hearkens back to Marc's formative days with the musical group of the same name. The official launch of the Galilee Of The Nations production is October 4, 2011. The album is available in Bible bookstores and through all the major digital download sites.

A quiet moment at a worship
conference in Germany
Marc Chopinsky has been in music ministry for thirty years making him exceptionally qualified to comment on the purpose of worship. Marc: "The goal of worship is to fill the space with His presence - it is part of our experience of knowing Him, there is something about corporate worship that makes God's presence more tangible. I am mindful of the pattern of entering His courts with praise. By definition, praise and worship are separate tasks. Praise has to do with joyful exuberance and worship is focused on giving honor and expressing reverence. When I prepare to lead worship I always take time aside to ask the Lord, 'what would you like to hear today?'"

Marc is enthusiastic about the development of Israeli contemporary worship. "There are a lot of terrific songs, a lot of inspiration and passion, especially among our young people. I am very excited to see young people fired up to give God honor." Marc is not as familiar with the happenings outside the land. But as he sensed the Holy Spirit's direction to craft an album for more Western Messianic audiences he is confident that "Israel's Hope" will bring refreshing and encouragement to the Body of Messiah outside of Israel.

It has been more than twenty years since Marc was involved in producing his own music but with the launching of "Israel's Hope" he already is formulating plans for a new project - stay tuned.

If you would like to purchase Marc's album in its original format, "Yes and Amen" you can purchase it directly from Marc at his online store, "Future Vision Gifts".

By Marty Shoub
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