The decisive mark of a disciple is not their words (though they be wise) or even their exploits (though they be strong) but their fruit; the growth and evidence of character through steady and enduring faith and obedience. A day is coming when those who have multiplied their talents will be honored by Messiah. I expect many of those called out for special commendation will not be well known personalities but faithful men and women who perhaps labored in obscurity attracting no one's attention save the One who sees all things and knows the thoughts and intents of every heart.

If you come to Tents of Mercy, you may come to appreciate the wisdom of some of our teachers or the talent of some of our musicians. It is a privilege to be a part of this ministry but there are many people working behind the scenes who are as worthy of honor as those with more public ministries. Sha'ul puts it this way: "the parts of the body that seem to be less important turn out to be all the more necessary; and upon body parts which we consider less dignified we bestow greater dignity." (I Cor 12:22-23, CJB)

Everyone who works at Tents of Mercy will tell you that an indispensible member of our team is a man most visitors will never meet. Sasha is our facilities engineer. He can fix or build just about anything, from welding up stock racks to restoring electrical appliances to renovating an office. Sasha keeps us up and running and manages our warehouse too. He is a remarkably talented man whose work, for the most part, goes unnoticed except by those of us who are so beholden to his help and handiwork.

Sasha is from a small village in Belarus. He is from a large family - the 6th of 7 children. Fourteen years ago Sasha married his wife Tamara. They have 4 children, Miriam the youngest was born here in Israel shortly after the family made aliyah in 2002.

Sasha was always intrigued with Israel, Tamara has the Jewish roots but it was Sasha that encouraged her to connect with her Jewish identity. Tamara's grandfather, Moshe, was a Jewish believer in Ukraine. Because of his faith he was arrested in 1936 by the infamous "NKVD", Stalin's secret police, the precursors to the KGB. Moshe was summarily executed in a NKVD prison and left behind a wife and 5 children. At the outbreak of WWII the 4 older children were scattered and only Tamara's father, Isaac, remained with his mother. In an attempt to hide from the Nazis, Isaac's identity papers were changed, to indicate he was of Ukrainian descent, not Jewish. In those days "Ukrainian" Moshes didn't name their sons Isaac. The ruse didn't work and mother and child were soon rounded up by the Nazis and placed in a concentration camp.

With a call to move to Israel, Sasha and Tamara only had her father's "Ukrainian" identity papers to identify her as a Jew. The Israeli embassy in Belarus told them that this was not enough to establish the criteria for aliyah. Sasha and Tamara took this as a sign and resigned from pursuing aliyah. 3 years later, 2 young ladies from the Jewish Agency came to their town to promote Aliyah. Sasha explained, "When we met them it was like a fire was started again in our hearts, we knew we must do something." Sasha and Tamara travelled to the Ukraine to try and find clearer documentation of Tamara's Jewish heritage. They discovered old NKVD documents in a public archive which explained what had happened to Tamara's grandfather. (Up to this point all the family had known was that he was arrested and never seen or heard from again.) The records also documented Moshe's Jewish identity. With this new documentation in hand, Sasha went back to the Israeli embassy and the family soon received a visa to immigrate to Israel.

Israel said yes but Belarus said "not so fast." Leaving Belarus was not a simple matter and Sasha and Tamara found themselves beleaguered by a Soviet style bureaucracy that required them to receive permission to emigrate. Everywhere they turned led to a dead end with no one having a clear answer or ability to make a decision. But Sasha would not give up and took the matter right to the Interior Minister. How did it all resolve? Sasha: "It was a miracle!" In an effort to cover all the bases Sasha found what seemed to be an insignificant document but for reasons he still cannot explain, this broke the log jam and cleared the way for them to leave Belarus.

The family left Belarus with Tamara 7 months pregnant. They knew one couple in Haifa, so they took whatever money they had received from the Immigration Ministry and rented an apartment there. They now had no money, and an apartment with no furniture or appliances except for one bed and one table. Adjustment was not going to be easy.

Sasha: "We knew nothing about Israel, not the culture, not the food, the currency, nothing. The only thing we had was faith. I didn't know how we would make it but I knew we would. It was such a hard time but we made it through." Their friends and neighbors helped them out - a broken down old appliance that Sasha took home and fixed, a discarded piece of furniture picked up off a street corner; slowly Sasha and Tamara put their new life together. Sasha admitted, "If I knew what we would have to go through beforehand I am not sure I would have had the faith to go through all the difficulties we had to face. But I have never regretted coming here - I really love Israel."

Because Sasha had a lot of experience as a contractor in Belarus he was able to find work in Haifa. Sasha would work 12 - 14 hours a day and then go home and struggle through the arduous process of learning Hebrew. Sasha and his family joined our Haifa congregation, Shavei Tsion, and when Tents of Mercy needed some rooms built, Sasha was referred to us for the job. Guy Cohen was serving as the Tents of Mercy administrator in those days. He was so impressed by the quality of Sasha's work that he offered him a full time job. We are all still very impressed with Sasha's skill and work effort!

Sasha understands that to integrate into Israeli society requires perseverance. Sasha: "In Israel every day there is something new to learn. If you stop learning you are going down. In Europe or North America you can live your life but here everything is so much more intense. It is not just life in Israel; it is 'turbo life.'"

Sasha is not only our facilities manager he is an elder at Shavei Tsion and Tamara overseas the childrens ministry - they are an example to us all. I have never seen Sasha preach a sermon or give a musical performance but his life teaches volumes and his dedication sings God's praise.


By Marty Shoub

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21:16 07Nov09 Peg Byars -
This story points out the importance of developing the spiritual discipline called "endurance." It is key that people in the process of making Aliyah determine in their hearts to persevere through the trials of becoming established in Israel. And we in the nations need to uphold them in prayer and support them with resources to make their way less difficult. We can be a blessing if we care.

23:45 04Nov09 Steve Coulter -
We're getting a preview of heavens heart. One Prophet just recently said, "You'll win more Battles with the fruit of the Spirit, of which Longsuffering is one,than you will ever with the Gifts." Dwell in the Land, cultivate faithfullness and you will inheret the Land. The Master Craftsman has a specialty shop indeed!!

15:07 08Nov09 Joe Napoli -
Intense, beyond comprehension & logic. Grace-filled, purpose, trust, endurance, led yet invisible. Strength-mighty-only through Yeshua. Humble, merciful and meak yet all powerful, impossible yet consumated, mysterious yet clear, love fortified and complete, a new love thought lost, mission in progress, never thought possible, so long waited for, never again, more then expexted. Repentance, Reconciliation and Unity for us all. These are just a few expressions that come to mind after recently learning about Sasha and Tamara's story as well as every other Messianic Jew who has all received the many characteristics of their/our Messiah Yeshua. Thank you for your faith and healing love from a Christian that knew little about your many trials during your 2,000 year old race that you are finishing for us all. You have inspired me to also run and try finishing this race.

08:12 24Nov09 Patricia Alzamora -
It's really a privilege to have known Sasha personally on my recent trip. Now that I know him more through this article I feel really inspired and edified. Praise God for people like him and his dear wife. Sure gives me the strength to keep fighting!

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