The Other Oasis Magazine
| By Marty Shoub |

The editor is scrambling for stories; the graphic artist is submitting yet another design for consideration. The writer is backed up against the deadline and pleading with God for inspiration. Such is the busy world of the Oasis magazine; but no sooner is the staff beaming over the latest edition when a new deadline looms on the horizon and the whole scrambling process begins again - not for Eitan, Leora and Marty, but for Leon, Lena and Natasha.

Dear reader, I assume you are somewhat familiar with our Oasis magazine - after all, you are reading it right now, but did you know there is another Oasis magazine?

Shortly after the English Oasis magazine started up, Leon Mazin and the believers at our Haifa congregation, Shavei Tsion started the Russian Oasis magazine. The "other" Oasis magazine has the distinction of being the first Russian language Messianic magazine published in Israel. With over 12,000 copies and distribution in 7 countries (including of all places, Australia), the magazine reaches a broad cross section of believers and covers a gamut of issues.

The English magazine limits itself to stories connected to the Tents of Mercy network and packs what it can every month into four printed pages. Published bi-monthly on a broadsheet format, the Russian Oasis magazine fills 12 pages with articles on current events in Israel, Torah portion commentaries, essays, editorials and photo shoots. You will even find the occasional Dan Juster or Don Finto article translated into Russian.

Editor in Chief, Leon Mazin
Leon Mazin provides the spiritual oversight for the magazine. Leon explained, "Oasis' prime direction is to demonstrate the Jewish roots of our faith to the Russian speaking world. We present the news from a biblical, Messianic perspective." Leon recalled that the magazine started out as a small informal bulletin for the local congregation. Interest from believers abroad and vision from within the Haifa congregation soon led to an expansion of both the format and the distribution. Spear-heading that vision is the magazine's editor, Lena Maizlina.

Lena is passionate about telling Israel's story from a Messianic perspective and bemoans the lack of exposure afforded to Russian Messianic believers. Lena: "There are a growing number of Messianic believers in Israel, many with a talent for writing and media production but particularly among the Russian community, our voices are not being heard." The voice Lena wants people to hear is growing louder. The Russian Oasis magazine continues to expand its reader base and has even recently started a Finnish version of the magazine. Lena dreams of the day when God expands their ministry to rival any secular network broadcasting and publishing in Israel. "We do not currently have the resources to fulfill this dream but nothing is impossible with Yeshua; I believe someday the dream will come true."

Lena explained the guiding principles that govern the content of the Russian Oasis magazine:

Recently, God has revealed an even higher purpose for the magazine. Lena has a passion for the news but God has shown her that Oasis is to be first and foremost about the Good News! "There is a hunger among our people. We know that many believers use our magazine for evangelism in their own countries. The Shavei Tsion staff is discovering Oasis to be an excellent tool to reach out to Israelis."

Misha setting out copies of Oasis in Hadar
Recently, I followed associate pastor, Misha Mazurovsky as he made his rounds through the narrow streets of the Hadar neighborhood of Haifa. Misha was delivering copies of the magazine to one of the stores frequented by the Russian community in the area. Misha explained that this is one of a dozen or so stores that have allowed Shavei Tsion to distribute the magazine on their shelves.

Misha had tried for years to distribute the magazine in Haifa shops but never received a favourable response. Last year the door suddenly opened. Misha distributes 2,500 copies of Oasis in Haifa stores every month. This is a marvel - a Messianic magazine distributed in secular shops in Israel's third largest city! I am not aware of any other Messianic publication - in any language, that can make this claim. Lena explained that this is not a missionary activity, "We are an Israeli magazine giving people opportunity to read about events from an Israeli Messianic perspective."

Everybody of reading Oasis! (Editor Lena on left)
Sometimes the task seems overwhelming. Resources are tight and the publishing process means sorting through many varied challenges: "The Russian mindset is to think creatively first, and then think about the business challenges. God is helping us but we are still learning how to organize ourselves." Lena is undaunted: "We realize we are not professionals but God chose us to serve Him in this way. We have obeyed and God has given us success all around the world. Once when I was praying, God gave me a vision. I saw God's arms holding a huge copy of Oasis. We are encouraged because we know He is our Editor-in-Chief."

Leon and Lena invite you to join them in prayer and partnership for this enterprise. Lena is hoping to be able to start publishing on a monthly basis but would need to expand her staff to do so. Leon invites you to contact him at to explore ways to develop this partnership.


By Martin Shoub

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11:11 01Aug07 Jeannette L Shymanski -
Thank you for spreading Jesus' Good News to His people. God is in control. I pray for God's people in Jerusalem and in Israel and throughout the world everyday. I also pray for those people who are doing God's work.

05:24 05Aug07 John S Shepherd -
I concur with Jeannette and pray as always that the Holy Spirit opens the eyes of those who are contacted with the claims of Yeshua/Jesus, especially His people Israel! If they are saved too and raised up to eternal life, it can only mean blessing for those of us in the flock in the nations! Praise His Name!

14:29 20Jun08 Tim Tyson -
Praise God for your work. My heart is broken for the people of Russia and Israel. To find such a ministry as Oasis is a blessing. This is truly a work of God. I pray, Yeshua be glorified amongst you.

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