One New Man Taking Shape
by Marty Shoub, International Liason, Tents of Mercy Network

Pastor Earl praying for Guy and Tali

Yuval, Ariel and Asher speaking at Yad HaShmona

Well over a year ago I received an email from a Pastor serving in Washington State. Here is an excerpt from his note: "As we were praying through the Asher Intrater word concerning Matthew 23:39 and the key of Israel's Cry, 'Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord' for the second coming of Yeshua, it came to me that perhaps this might be a vision for the next Intercessory Prayer Conference. I am very sorry to presume to even suggest this, but I think it might be of the Lord ... certainly ignore it as the Lord leads!"

This pastor is a dear brother whom we deeply respect, so we would never ignore his suggestion but we were still not quite ready to make a decision about the next conference. I thanked him and said we would consider this word at our next planning meeting. Two months went by and there I was with Leora and Eitan, seated in Eitan's office. My laptop was open to this brother's email - ready to put his suggestion forward. As is his custom, Eitan paused to pray and ask God for wisdom. He continued to pray prophetically and declared it was time for Jews and Gentiles to cry out, "Baruch Haba" in preparation for Yeshua's return. It was as if Eitan was reading the email open on my computer. After he finished, beaming with excitement, I read the email out loud. Together, Eitan, Leora and I experienced that uncanny wonder of seeing the Lord's unexpected, unforeseeable confirmation. The theme of our next conference became the easiest of decisions.

Heaven's guidance ensures a good start but it is the combination of God's continued grace and guidance, matched by the spiritual sensitivity of the participants that determines a successful conference. Throughout the nine days of our conference I could see how the hand of the Lord brought us together. This was our fifth conference. Every one has been special, but there was an added element to Baruch Haba. Sometimes, Messianic Jews have experienced the frustration of being misunderstood. Well meaning brothers and sisters have on occasion viewed us with suspicion and have doubted our call to pursue our discipleship as Jews within the larger Jewish community. For them, Jewish distinctiveness smacks suspiciously of separation and division. Our hearts have been saddened because people, who we love for who they are in their own unique and distinctive way, have not reciprocated in kind. On the other extreme, some have denied their own unique identity, as if Jewish identity was somehow intrinsically superior.

Baruch HaBa was a coming together of Jewish and Gentile believers from fifteen countries and every continent. There was no jealousy, there was no suspicion, there was no insecurity. Instead, there was love, kindness and mutual appreciation. This truly was One New Man collectively celebrating our unity and our multi-ethnic diversity in Yeshua. Together, we joined in common purpose to declare, "Baruch haba b'shem Adonai." Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord. Surely, our unity together as One New Man hastens His return - it is Yeshua's great request of His Father that we may be one, even as He and His Father are one. Unity in the Body of Messiah has been rife with division, in no small part to the failure of the Body to recognize the first breach in our unity, the unity of Jew and Gentile in Messiah. Baruch HaBa has been a sign to us that the breach is finally being repaired.

Eitan, Connie and some Korean friends Worshiping at Gethsemane

Hiking down the Mount of Beatitudes

Leon and Ephraim help Pastor Angela from Taiwan Moshe and Eitan

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