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"While the revival of the Jewish-Messianic movement in the Unites States occurred half a century ago, this wave reached the countries of the former Soviet Union only a few years ago and has not yet gained its full force."

Many of us have read the prophecy of Isaiah: "... and gather the people of all nations and languages, and they will come and see my glory" (Isaiah 66:18). Today, this biblical prophecy is coming alive and God's Word is becoming reality. The desire to get to know Israel, Jewish traditions, and the roots of our faith is arising among Jews and the nations.

While the revival of the Jewish-Messianic movement in the Unites States occurred half a century ago, this wave reached the countries of the former Soviet Union only a few years ago and has not yet gained its full force. We are pleased to see in recent years how God puts into the hearts of believers in Russia, Ukraine, and other former Soviet Union countries the desire to get acquainted with Israel and its heritage, and to unite into one heart with it.

At present we are in need of spiritual sowers. Soon we will need spiritual reapers as well. In addition to being spiritually anointed, sowers and reapers must be well educated theologically, with experience in applying their knowledge in ministry. They must be able to touch the hearts of everyone, combining the message of the Gospel with knowledge of the law and traditions.

In order to equip such ministers, as well as to study complex issues of Judaism and Christianity, the Haifa Theological Institute was founded in Haifa, Israel, in 2009. The institute offers balanced teaching, centered on Yeshua the Messiah of Israel and emphasizing the role of Israel in God's plan of redemption.

HTI develops projects such as:

  • Distance learning and a certified program on Messianic Judaism and Practical Theology
  • 4-5 intensive classroom courses per year for believers in the Haifa area
  • Development of an online library
  • Publications of academic articles about Messianic Judaism on the HTI website

These and other projects are for mainly Russian-speaking believers, in Israel and all over the world.

We are grateful to be God's instrument in applying HIS plan! We invite you to participate in this process, to study the Scriptures and apply them, and to help others do the same. On the website htinstitute.co.il (Russian only) you can learn more about HTI projects, or apply for a course of study, as well as donate to the development of this ministry.

Feedback from Students

Katherine: "HTI was recommended to me by a friend, for which I am very thankful. The knowledge that I gained in this institute helped me to understand the Scriptures from the Jewish point of view, as they were written, and made them more understandable. A correct understanding of God's Word helps me with my ministry in the church — a ministry directly related to Israel and its people."

Igor (Belarus): "One day my wife showed me a link to the HTI website. I inspected it and got interested. My wife and I decided to study, and we enrolled in different programs. During the studies, I felt some changes inside of me; now I'm looking differently at Scriptures and teachings that I received for so many years before. Thank God, this year we have completed our training! But I will continue my self-education by listening to more lectures that will be recorded and published by HTI."

By Leon Mazin
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