by Holly Wallace

On November 17-20 over 5000 people gathered for the 2005 Aglow International Worldwide Conference in Nashville, Tennessee. Asher Intrater was invited to be one of the keynote speakers for this event, sharing the podium with Don Finto, Rick Joyner, Chuck Pierce, Barbara Yoder and Aglow president Jane Hansen. The atmosphere was electric with a sense of destiny for the women (and men) who had come from 103 nations ready to worship and receive from the heart of God.

Aglow is a trans-denominational organization with more than 4,000 local groups in 164 nations reaching an estimated 2 million women each month. In recent years they have embraced the mandate to stand in support of the Jewish people while helping the Church understand God's plans and purposes for Israel. This mandate is in addition to their call for male/female reconciliation and for Muslim women to be liberated with the truth of the gospel.

In the eyes of many this conference was an historic gathering in which a key impartation was given. God spoke through each leader and confirmed that it was His message being delivered throughthem.

One strong prophetic word came forth that God is releasing a supernatural anointing over women in these end times, to be even as Yael in the book of Judges chapter four, who took a tent peg and drove it straight through the head of the enemy. The prophetic message of the hammer and tent peg was laid independently on the hearts of Asher and Jane Hansen and Chuck Pierce. This thrice confirmed word went out in over 6 languages. It is no wonder Jane started the conference by stating that "the enemy fears women coming into their full destiny!"

From his fatherly heart Don Finto gave a penetrating message that stirred the audience. Several times there were collective breaths of agreement as he spoke of discerning the signs of the times like Noah and preparing for the days ahead. He paved the way perfectly for Asher's first message, "The Destiny of the Nations".

Asher gave a passionate plea for the Church to see the atonement of Yeshua not only for individual sin but also "for the sprinkling of the nations." God's plan is to redeem the nations of the earth so they can be brought into the same destiny as Israel - to be a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation. Israel is the first fruits. The nations are the full harvest. We must perceive the remnant in every nation, including Israel, to see God's plan for the nations, instead of looking at the unbelievers. People responded to receive this revelation and also to receive a burden of intercession for the salvation of Israel, like Paul's intercession in Romans 9:1-4.

In Asher's second message, "Born to Be a King", a vision was cast for the Bride of Messiah to rise up in faith and intercession. The Bride was encouraged to help Yeshua fulfill His "career goal," is destiny, to be crowned the King of Israel in Jerusalem. A great groundswell of intercession broke forth in response. It was only equaled by the intercessory prayer at the end of the conference to bind the principalities and powers of darkness in the Middle East. Over 5,000 people agreed together for a breakthrough in the war on terror and for "His Kingdom to come, His will to be done, on earth as it is in heaven." It was quite a weekend! The Word was spoken, the Spirit moved, the people responded, God was glorified.

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